DJ Woogie & Cashis - Bogish Boy Vol 5

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1. (00:01:54) Cashis - Murder Was The Case
2. (00:01:28) Cashis - Stacc A Dub
3. (00:02:53) Cashis - Everyday
4. (00:01:32) Cashis - Cannon Freestyle
5. (00:01:55) Cashis - Straight Up Menace
6. (00:03:08) Cashis - Melissa
7. (00:00:48) Cashis - Smoke With Me Freestyle
8. (00:03:01) Cashis - Bigga Than Me (Euthanasia LP Leak)
9. (00:01:11) Cashis - Narcotics Freestyle
10. (00:01:29) Cashis - Ima Hussla
11. (00:01:02) Cashis - Money Right Freestyle
12. (00:04:24) Cashis - What Up (Feat. Chamillionaire & Carlito Rossi)

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I dunno about this one. But

I dunno about this one. But eat a burger, my nig. Skinny niggas stop flexing with your shirt off. Im sick of buff dudes taking their shirts off. And Gucci's beer gut is really nasty. But no one wants to see you looking Ethiopian

You would think...

being on Shady, homie could afford a sandwich!
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a bunch of 1 min tracks,

a bunch of 1 min tracks, garbage ass shit. i guy i dont see y em signed...
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this is out of character for me, I dont be posting about the mixtape covers, or what dudes be looking like, some of ya'll go a little to far wit that shit like this guy above me ^^^^^, bitches judge men, im hear to judge the music, I care less about who's got a gut or fucked up face, etc etc, but GOD DAMNNNNNNN my man here is SICKLY SKINNY on some real shit, this muthafucka need some food BAD AS HELL LOL, i really couldnt help it, I seen this mixtape as was like god damnnnnnnn LOL, some crazy shit right there for real! this nigga should put a gun to his head haha

Wow. You try to call people

Wow. You try to call people on this board a bitch for not wanting to see dudes' chests? And then agree with me. Dumbass. Biggie was a fat fuck but he was fly. This dude looks like a pansy. So yeah I can judge rappers for looking foolish. Real men care about how they look. This dude isn't a real man. Take your flabby arms and wanting to look like a thug. You prove to real niggas you are nothing but a whitebread dickhead who can't fight.
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gaygay nobody wants to see yo weak no life ass post'n comments on here haha. You got a gucci mane beer belly so quit talkn shit about this nigga, and pick ya self up a bowflex wankster.
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i aint in no arguing ass mood tonight cuz, but lemme just tell ya this, if you think im out of shape, fat, or got a beer belly you got your shit very fucked up and twisted, im 5'11 220 and i STAY working out, im in GREAT SHAPE so i dunno where you gettin that beer belly shit from, that pic thats up now shows im built good, cant really tell from a small ass pic like that, but the main thing here should be WHY THE FUCK YOU WORRIED ABOUT WHAT I LOOK LIKE, thats border line homo bro, and me sittin here explaining my figure and shape to you is kinda weird also, just fall back from all that homo shit my man and lets keep it strictly music ok, check yaself and dont worry bout me!
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nigga if titties is in then

nigga if titties is in then i'm late haha, and nigga your on some jenny craig shit yo ass ain't buff. and nigga we gon talk about yo overwait ass since you like talkin shit about all the niggaz that put out tapes. you aint real you fake ass internet goon haha
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Just listened to some of

Just listened to some of this, and dude is kinda wack to me!!! i expected better, damn!!!


Your boy got 3 tattoos wrapped around his whole body!!! This mixtape should be aight,, i have to say,, he looks like a hungry artist!! HELP THE NEEDY,, Download this mix!!!