DJ XFactor - Panty Droppers 13


01 Ginuwine - Can I Be Ur Sexpartner
02 Kevin Cossom - late Night
03 J.Blue - Phone sex
04 After The Club (Feat. Big Shane)
05 K-Young - Do Me
06 Red Dirt - Make Love
07 Charlie Wilson - Take This Ring
08 J-Shin - Christmas Baby
09 Range - Good Morning
10 J.Blue - Wipe You Down
11 Chris J - Bubble Bath
12 JyShoun - Curves on your body
13 Police Woman - Ray Lavender
14 RL - When I Touch You There
15 Mario - Outta Breath
16 Casely - I'm Grown
17 lloyd feat drake - a night off
18 Tyrese - Put Up With Me
19 RL - Candystore
20 K-Young - Christmas In Cali

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I'm Italian and Greek but if this CD could hook me up wit a fine booty like the cover, I'll bump this shit in the hood and pick up some hot black booty! lol
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Then just download the cover..

This Cd give's you nothing more then a headache, and if you want some..'black booty' just go out more and hit a club or something and you better not bump on this shit in da hood, cause you Will! get your ass whopped by some real og's if you play this shit in da hood.. lol, they will all think you a homo. [Peace]
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