DJ Young Cee And Nas - Queensbridge Chronicles


1. (00:03:27) Nas - Just A Moment Ft Quan
2. (00:00:55) Nas - Music Fo Life
3. (00:04:08) Nas - The World Is Yours
4. (00:03:48) Nas - Thugz Mansion Ft 2pac
5. (00:03:57) Nas - Hustlers Ft The Game
6. (00:03:27) Nas - Success
7. (00:02:35) Nas - Do It for Hip Hop
8. (00:03:38) Nas - Black Republican
9. (00:04:15) Nas - Still Dreamin
10. (00:04:06) Nas - One Mic
11. (00:02:46) Nas - Street Dreams
12. (00:02:58) Nas - It Aint Hard 2 Tell
13. (00:03:25) Nas - Phone Tap
14. (00:05:02) Nas - Nas Is Like
15. (00:01:23) Nas - Gonna Be Alright
16. (00:03:54) Nas - If I Ruled The World
17. (00:04:14) Nas - Can't Forget About You
18. (00:03:34) Nas - Hero

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thnx!!! the best rapper

thnx!!! the best rapper alive this is real hiphop
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He is one of the greats.. ( A dieing breed) of Rapper.. I miss listening to Inspirational Artist, my brain has been contaminated with all these wanna-be Trappers, Kings, Bling Rappers, and Ass shakin rappers that say nothing with no substance at all and just spit random nothings that has absolutely no meaning what so ever over an overly produced beat to cover up they're lack of lyricism. I don't know if Hip Hop is dieing but more than half the artist that dropped Mixtapes and Albums in the past 3 months have been all about Garbage. The tracks sound real good but the artist doesn't do it any justice at all, but i'd admit i was bumpin some of em, mostly to have something that at least made an attempt to sound good coming out of my speakers real loud. It's just too bad all the tracks on here are OLLLDDDD.. worth the download if you missed the Nas Era a few months back before and after his album release, but i think that was the intention.. This Mixtape isn't a mixtape, it's a greatest Hits list for NAS actually, i wish they would start putting that on these type of drops.