American Ironman (Jay-Z / Ghostface Mashup)


01. Jay-Z - American Ironman
02. Jay-Z - Black Super Hero Music
03. Ghostface Killah - Hero or Villain
04. Ghostface Killah - Broad Day 'Em
05. Jay-Z - Comic Book Dreamin
06. Jay-Z - Is this what success all about?
07. Jay-Z - Pray for Camay
08. Ghostface Killah - Success @ The Apollo
09. Jay-Z f/ Beanie Sigel - Ignorant After The Smoke
10. Jay-Z - Blue Marvel
11. Ghostface Killah - Haunted
12. Ghostface Killah - Say Hello To The High Guy
13. Jay-Z - Sweet Controller
14. Jay-Z - No Hook, No Weep
15. Ironman's Theme

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WOW! I don't know about everyone else but this one is on some next sh*t for me. Best blend tape I've heard since DH's Warlordz. Even the cover is flawless! This type of mixtape is magic, keep these quality blends comin' Wizard, you up there wit' Merlin gawd! GREAT UP 'hardb0dy', thanks a lot bro. "Vivid thoughts, Devils resort to trick knowledge/ They kick garbage, lust for chicks and quick dollars/ I know the pain the game bring, I did the same thing/ Spaced out in the staircase, performing a sting/ It's hard to keep control, I bless those who seek a scroll/ Trying to reach a whole nation and break the sleeper hold/ Not a role model, I walk a hard road to follow/ I sold bottles of sorrow then chose poems and novels/ The gospel was told, some souls it swallowed whole/ Mentally they fold, and they eventually sold/ their life and times, deadly like the virus design/ but too minute to dilute the scientist mind" -Rebel INS Support the real artists & DJ's. B-More signin' out...1

American Ironman (Jay-Z / Ghostface Mashup)

can someone resend this link to me. I'm having problems diwnloading with vista

I have vista and the link

I have vista and the link works fine. Check our download guide for downloading help.
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YO THATS THE SHIT .. MAN datz FUKIN NICE......HIP HOP/Rap all about... im not even a fan of jay z but damnnnnn sik mixtape.. GOOD UPLOAD

Black Chronic

This mixtape actually is hot compared to all the other ones in the last week. But someone needs to put the black album mixed with chronic 2001 beats, that shits too hot and i cant get ahold of it. if someone knows where to find it lemme know
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Very nice thanks alot

Very nice thanks alot
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This joint is what blends are all about. Props to the dj and the uploader
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im feelin this one here 4sho --no nutz no glory--