Don Cannon & 9th Wonder Present Tom Hardy - The Hardy Boy Mystery Mixtape: Curse Of Thee Green Faceded

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01 Thee Tom Hardy Show
02 Makin It Last
03 Family Ties Feat. Big Remo & Gq
04 Chillin In My Bungalow
05 Afterschool Special
06 I'm Grinnin
07 Make Her Mine Feat. Tyler Woods
08 Extraordinary
09 I'm The Ooh Child Feat. Murs
10 Go Like This Feat. Reck Mason & Gq
11 Rap $$$
12 As We Shine Feat. Rapsody & D-Mal
13 Dzamit Dawg Feat. Ric Jones
14 Okaaaaay Feat. Rapsody & Tp
15 We Rap Gr8 Feat. Mikkey Halsted & Harlem's Cash
16 Omg!!!
17 Boom Boom
18 Never Have Seen
19 Rap $$$ Rocafella Remix Feat. Young Chris & Freeway

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Somethin new i $uppose..... (W)isdom (U)nderstanding (T)ruth (A)nd (N)atural (G)ame
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this kid can spit. this is

this kid can spit. this is worth the download trust me. i cna really listen to this tape all the way through. plus u asher haters might wanna listen since he took a few shots at roth durin the tape
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9th Wonder carried this

9th Wonder carried this whole tape, if it wasnt for the beats I dont think I could of made it thru one song, his voice doesnt but his style is to much like old Eminem to me it just comes off as a knock off to me. Haystak will always be the best white rapper with Bubba at 2nd. That Asher Roth dude is straight garbage to me, but if you think Im wrong tell me what to listen to to change my mind.
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bubba was nice when he

bubba was nice when he dropped deliverance but fell off wit the charm. never heard haystack. but em apathy atmosphere are all better than both. asher is nice. listen to his amilli freestyle, doa freestyle, just listen, the lounge, waitin on the world to change, fallin, la di da, his dream. he has some bars its just his style and image doesnt appeal to wat most people feel a rapper should be, but back to the tape. is this kid the best rapper no, but he is very talented. 9th did his thing but this kid can tell a great story like omg and after school special i think is the name. it seems like everybody always has to compare a rapper to another rapper instead of just listen to the actual artist. somtimes they may have a similar voice or style but a lot of the time there subject matter are completely different and u miss out on another point of view or avenue that the art can go
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Man Haystak is prob the only

Man Haystak is prob the only person to have like 10 cds in the store and never had a video on MTV. But thats one of the things he takes pride in is not sellin out. Scarface signed him to Def Jam South but I dont guess Haystak liked the direction Scarface wanted him to go and he bounced. One of his best cds is called "Car Full Of White Boys" And his big white ass has been on the front of everyone of his albums so I dont doubt you might of passed his cd over in the store. We all have different taste and like different shit but to me Haystak is one of my fav rappers, check out his shit and see for your self
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I'm gonna say nothing special. Kinda reminds me on Copywrite, but Copywrite is much nicer... much nicer.
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all ya crackaz above me need ta quit! THIS SHIT IZ GARBAGE!!! sylnc, put up your real picture and delete that fake ugly one. no real blk man listens to so much cracker muzik as u do!! ...fraud! R.I.P.D.J.SCREW.
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i am a real black man, and y

i am a real black man, and y do u call another dude ugly? are there men u find attractive? grow up kid. lets be real fam. good music is good music dont matter wat color a person is. if i think someone has talent imma listen blak, white, asian watever.
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he pretty strait to me. i

he pretty strait to me. i really dont give a fuck wat no one else think or say so long as i like it. its alrite to me da kid got sum cool shit


This some Eminem knock off Saturday morning cartoon shit.


yessir..its official....bullish