Mike Prat & Worldwide Legacy - Dope Boyz 6

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1. Mike prat intro - and the hip hop award winner is...
2. Lil wayne & juelz santana - let us pray
3. Lil wayne prayer
4. Aaron barksdale - if it don't make money
5. Mike prat - they wanna know
6. Rocko & lloyd - hustle fo
7. J young - livin' in fear
8. Hunt & rick ross - get that paper
9. Bags of money - check yo bitch (thug motivation)
10. Webbie, rick ross, birdman - a miracle
11. Glasses malone, akon, bun b, kam, lil wayne - certified rmx
12. B.e.n.n.y. & s.e. gang - if you know u'r a hustla
13. Chubbie baby & j young - fly boys
14. Freekey zekey, ash & sen - you can't hold me
15. Redd eyezz, birdman & lil wayne - bling blaw
16. T dogg, rick ross & j shine - we gettin' money
17. Aaron barksdale - stampede
18. Fat joe & plies - you ain't sayin' nothin'
19. Ti & young jeezy - guns pop off
20. Rick ross high with bruce willis
21. Lupe fiasco, young jeezy & ti - superstar rmx
22. Nicki minaj & lil wayne - big spender freestyle
23. Lil wayne & corey guns - a millie (official version)
24. Lil wayne - dear lord
25. Mike prat contact info

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J-young is awesome, way to

J-young is awesome, way to go putting dude on the cover.

hahaha Lil Wayne is a dope

hahaha Lil Wayne is a dope boy now? that's some funny shit

I'm a dboy. Bitch, I'm a

I'm a dboy. Bitch, I'm a dboy. Ho, I'm a dopeboy. I got the scope in the rov from them jackboys. I got money in my pocket. I got money in my block. I got the money in the power. I'm gone.

Just cause he says he is a

Just cause he says he is a Dboy dont mean he is one, waynes been around since he was like 14 when did he have time to sell dope


all you u hatin ass crackas click on the mans mixtape and waste your time and effort talkin all dat shiit about him.YOUR HATERS...hes rich your not! hes famous your not! i just dont understand you people...you talk shit on his fuckin mixtape...if you hate the man so much why did you even click the link anyway..pc

Im not a craka mutha fucka

Im not a craka mutha fucka and dis nigga suck it was strait when The carter came out but he just repeats his self you need to get off his dick and i dont care if dat nigga is rich he still butt!!

Clear this up...

Do you even know where the term cracker comes from? Its from whip cracker, as in cracking whips on slaves backs! When black people use the term cracker its like they are saying " yessum master!" All you racist black motherfuckers realize this right? Its not an insult to us. You are taking us back to slavery days and Id like to think weve come a long way since then. Its not the white man holding you down, its you.

i agree. Also... how the

i agree. Also... how the fuck do you people know if these guys really are d boys are not? you believe the other people because they say it but not lil wayne? i had friends dealing from the back of their bicycles when they were 10 and 11 years old.
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