DJ Chuck T - Down South Slangin' 40

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1. Brandon D - Intro 3:11
2. Lil' Wayne - Love This Fuckin' Guy 4:11
3. Rick Ross - Shot To The Heat 2:40
4. Young Buck - Get Money 3:22
5. Juvenile - The Verdict (Feat. Akon) 2:26
6. Young Jeezy - White Girl (Remix) (Feat. Rick Ross, 4:39
Fabolous, Lil Wayne, Blood Raw And Slick Pulla)
7. T.I. - You Know What It Is (Feat. Wyclef Jean) 3:40
8. Tum Tum - Do That (Prod. By Scott Storch) 2:46
9. Petey Pablo - That's Why 3:08
10. Chamillionaire - Hip Hop Police (Feat. Slick Rick) 3:01
11. Brisco - Pop Off (Feat. Flo-Rida) 2:25
12. Brisco - Picture Me Rollin' 2:32
13. Yung Joc - ringtone (Feat. Miss B) 2:28
14. Trae - Dreams 3:43
15. Juvenile - Everything (Feat. T-Pain) 2:37
16. Archie Lee And Coota Bang - Cappin' 3:39
17. Yola Da Great - Crunk In Da Club 4:52
18. Spark Dawg - Push 'Em (Feat. Tum Tum And 2:49
19. Chamillionaire - It's On 2:09
20. Tyte Wurk - Go 3:47
21. Juvenile - Think I Ain't Go Dough 4:20
22. Kinfolk Kia Shine - Bluff City Classic (Feat. 3:08
Eightball And MJG)
23. Young Buck - Still G-Unit South (Feat. Hi-C And 3:34
Lil' Murda)
24. Lil' Wayne - I Need It 3:30

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good flow
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whats up with that young buck song? its gotta be an old track right? ------------------ ole-bah ni-mi

No, it's fairly new.

No, it's fairly new. Don't believe everything you hear. Buck STILL G-Unit. Get 'em Buck! What does your signature mean?
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its yoruban

it means "i rule". i spelled it the way it sounds, but the real spelling way different ------------------ ole-bah ni-mi

Thanks 'jlaudiosw7'

Thanks, 'jlaudiosw7' I sincerely appreciate this. This has gotta be one of the best series goin' right now, if not THE best. Chuck T talks too much but this mixtape right here is piff. There's like 3 other mixtapes wit' the same songs on 'em posted today, but I recommend this one even though the tracklist is all f*cked up. Favorite tracks: Shot to the Heart(track 3), Get Money(track 4), The Verdict(track 5)~~~I love that one, Hip-Hop Police(track 10), Pop Off(track 11), Picture Me Rollin'(track 12), Dreamin'(actually track 13), Go(actually track18), and Cappin'(actually track 19). That Hip-Hop Police song is CRAZY. Does anybody know where I can find that whole song cuz I really wanna hear Slick Rick's verse? "Before it all got hype/ I was in da core of da apple before it got rype, so I ain't gotta act like/ I'm on top of or in front of dem/ if I'm not D best, than I'm one of dem/ listen I'm a different kinda boss/ I'm cut from a different kinda cloth, deez n*ggaz a different kinda's a shame what da games became, but the truth is/ really nobody to blame, but the music" -Jadakiss Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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Hip Hop Police Whole song my friend.

damn man iswear y does this

damn man iswear y does this cd have to have the tracks all outta order.... i dont kno sum of the tracks i gotta listen to them by hooks to tell who is who o well