DJ Chuck T - Down South Slangin Countdown Vol. 6

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1. Get Buck - Young Buck
2. Hood Ni**a - Gorilla Zoe
3. Tattoo - The Alliance Ft. Fabo
4. This Is Why Im Hot (Remix) - Mims Ft. Unk, Cham & Sunny V
5. F*ck You Pay Me - Sunny V
6. Mr. Jones - Mike Jones
7. Boy Looka Here - Rich Boy
8. Dope Boy Fresh - Three Six Mafia Ft. Chamillionaire
9. The Way I Live (Remix) - Da Prince Baby Boy Ft. P-Town Moe & Lil' Boosie
10. Crusin - Eightball & MJG Ft. Three Six Mafia and Slim of 112
11. Party Like A Rockstar - Da Shop Boyz
12. Big Mix - P.I.M.P
13. 2 Step - DJ Unk
14. Pop, Lock, and Drop It - Huey
15. You Ain't Know - Birdman & Lil' Wayne
16. Rock Your Hips (Remix) - Crime Mob Ft. Young Dro & Rasheeda
17. Thats When I Creep - Charlieo
18. Im A Flirt (Remix) - R. Kelly Ft. T.I. & T-Pain
19. Slap - Ludacris
20. Im Throwed - Paul Wall Ft. J.D.
21. Its Me Snitches (Remix) - Swizz Beatz Ft. Lil' Wayne, R. Kelly & Jadakiss
22. Go Getta - Young Jeezy Ft. R. Kelly
23. Buy You A Drink (Snappin') - T-Pain Ft. Yung Joc

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henrey_713's picture

Hood Nigga is the jam. CHeck

Hood Nigga is the jam.
CHeck it out.

nejnejnej's picture


hell yeah hood nigga is the shiet

dam old ass shit

dam old ass shit

thanks brah

thanks brah

molockian's picture

Hood Ni**a is so old, it

Hood Ni**a is so old, it first came out on that dj smallz Block tape Gorilla Zoe seemed raw then but now all his shit sound the same i dont no y that song is now just getting hot ive already heard too many times at this point, wutever

Suppa_duppa_fly's picture

das the same shit that

das the same shit that happened to M-Jones, Paul Wall,rich boy & other cats from swisha house
Just look over your shoulder (shoulder)
Look and see who just showed up (showed up)
It's the southern takeover (its over)
You betta tell em I got dreams to stand on top try and stop (blot blot blot)
yeah i'm fly bitch!!!!!!!!