DJ Dutty Laundry - Leaders Of Da New South

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01. Racks- Jmoney ,Oj The Juice
02. Pyrex -Big Stackssss , Yokie
03. Gangsta- Derrick 4real, Big Stackssss
04. Hot- Yung La , Kourtny Money
05. Pot&A Fork- Big Stackssss , Eastside Allstars
06. Do It Big - Game Breed
07. Flexin Shit -Humble Man , Mannish Man , Mac Breeze
08. Gangstas And Thugs- Fotre, Bun B , Bolo
09. Gorilla Grind - Tan D, Allstar
10. Money Make Me Feel Good- Yung Twizzle
11. Kush Blunts& Rozay Big Country, Oj The Juice
12. Real Hard -Yung Jlc
13. Money In A Bag - Yung Twizzle
14. Winding On Me- Fat Joe, Lil Wayne
15. The Product. Smoke
16. Turn It Up- Derrick 4 Real, Bolo , Oj The Juice
17. Keep It Hood- Project Pat, Oj The Juice
18. Chain Swang Project Pat, Gucci Mane
19. Money Masterbator- Big Stackssss
20. Swagg Game- Infinity

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dis shit is weak , it sounds

dis shit is weak , it sounds like everyone is high on crack. dam there needs to be a law saying if u suck u should not record ur voice

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Trap muzik!WTF U EXPECT???Chris Brown and T Pain and some gay ass lil Wayne to come on the track holding an opera note tone talking about how he kissed birdman????Bitch nigga,Shut your Damn trap!And go listen to that lame ass gay shit that play on the radio JUST FOR YOU!