J-Love & Mobb Deep - Mobb Misses Pt.4

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01. Intro
02. Outta Control (Feat 50 Cent)(J-Love Remix)
03. Straight Murder (Feat 50 Cent)
04. Tight
05. Gangsta (Feat Tony Yayo)
06. Stuck On You
07. You Know We Don't Stop
08. All Mine
09. Crabz In A Bucket (Feat 50 Cent)
10. Baby Mamma
11. Gunz Is Razor (Feat Tony Yayo)
12. Back To Back (Feat 50 Cent)
13. Cobra
14. Nightmares (Feat 50 Cent)
15. Sold My Soul
16. Nah (Feat 50 Cent)
17. Live At The Spot
18. Live By The Code
19. So Ill
20. Ya Not Seeing This
21. King Of Rap (Feat Illa Ghee)
22. Now To Survive (Feat Nyce)
23. Look Out (Feat 50 Cent)
24. We Make The Hits
25. Watch What You Say
26. High Speed Chasin (Feat Rah Digga)
27. If You Want (Feat 50 Cent)

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classic mobb stuff.

classic mobb stuff.


absolute fire, the Mobb has still got it

Hot shyt

this shit is off the hook nightmarez deep outta control nearly every song is listenable.

Another quality Mobb Deep

Another quality Mobb Deep album in the book, these guys are the illest =) Props to JLove as well, his albums are great.