Trap-A-Holics And Big Stackssss - Microwave Conversation

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1. (00:00:16) Big Stackssss - Microwave Conversation Intro
2. (00:04:39) Big Stackssss - I'm On
3. (00:04:18) Big Stackssss - Big Bank Hank (Produced By Zaytoven)
4. (00:04:03) Big Stackssss - Psycho (Produced By Zaytoven)
5. (00:04:03) Big Stackssss - #1 Stuntman (Produced By Zaytoven)
6. (00:03:10) Big Stackssss - I Gotta Eat (Produced By Zaytoven)
7. (00:04:11) Big Stackssss - Conceited
8. (00:04:12) Big Stackssss - Big Balling
9. (00:03:35) Big Stackssss - I'm The Shit Ft. Bolo & Derek 4 Real
10. (00:04:47) Big Stackssss - Nothin To It
11. (00:04:24) Big Stackssss - Bust Open (Produced By Zaytoven)
12. (00:00:27) Big Stackssss - Big Stackssss Check In
13. (00:04:17) Big Stackssss - Flash You bank Roll (Pt. 2)
14. (00:04:03) Big Stackssss - Hooked On Phonics
15. (00:03:45) Big Stackssss - Materialistic
16. (00:03:41) Big Stackssss - Deja Vu
17. (00:04:35) Big Stackssss - Misdemeanor (Produced By Zaytoven)
18. (00:01:47) Big Stackssss - Hot Apple Pies
19. (00:03:50) Big Stackssss - Money Masterbator
20. (00:03:40) Big Stackssss - Put It Up
21. (00:04:10) Big Stackssss - Oh My (Produced By Zaytoven)
22. (00:00:27) Big Stackssss - Outro

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mixtape is crack! don't

mixtape is crack! don't sleeeeep!
SlabSwangga's picture

Stackssss it is..

heard this cat first on sum of the biggy jiggy mixtapes.. been waiting for him to drop one.. pay attention..
JayJayGemini's picture


SlabSwangga wrote:
heard this cat first on sum of the biggy jiggy mixtapes.. been waiting for him to drop one.. pay attention..
COWGIRLS SUCK BRO!!!!! "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"

Big Stacks IS DOPE

Big Stacks IS DOPE
Okfucyou's picture

good shyt..

this guy can rap.. Dis shyt firah.. #1 Stuntman... screaming white power right besides the clan's men lol

Shit's catchy

Good stuff. Zaytoven all day.


sick tape..not one to sleep on
SenCity's picture

Big Stacksss

I always fuck wit tha boy Stacksss... Im jus mad all Zaytoven beats sound bout tha same on this mixtape. But 9 13 & 18 r super hard to me. DL 4 sure.
PolakFury's picture

I Gives it a 8.5/10

Got a soft spot fo Tenn
Barack O Drama's picture


THIS SHIT WACK MAN.......THERSE 10 OTHER DOWN SOUTH RAPPERS WHO ARE WAY BETTER THAn this nigga. he sound the same on every track and so does his beats!!!!! this mixtape is just as annoying as a charles hamilton hahaha he sound like one of my niggaz freestylen drunk off that GRAN CRU.......TRASH!!!! I DONT WANNA ARGUE I JUST WANT SOME 1 TO EXPLAIN HOW THIS SHIT IS HOTT CUZ I KNOW NOONE HAS SEEN HIM SELL ALL THESE BRICKS HE RAPS ABOUT