Dutty Laundry And Project Pat - Back 2 Da Hood

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1. Intro
2. The Streets feat. Hollywood Slim
3. Gangsigns
4. Slick Hater
5. Lights Out feat. King Ray
6. Lil Pussy Poppin feat. Juney Boomdata, Pastor Troy
7. Project Pat Speaks
8. What I'm Cockin
9. I LIke Dem feat. OJ Da Juiceman
10. Hungry
11. Get My Pay Up
12. How We Rock
13. Pogo Stick
14. Project Pat Interlude
15. I'm That Nigga
16. Fast Life feat. Yung D
17. Load Up Them 9's feat. V Slash
18. Smack Smack feat. Gucci Mane
19. Built Like That
20. Blow
21. Outro
22. Smokin Weed Sellin Pills feat. Pimp C
23. Get My Respect feat. Juicy J

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pat that nigga all day

this will be the first time that i did this...im 1st...yeah i lost i know

is it worth the DL? Project

is it worth the DL? Project pat used to be fire... but then he dropped off so idk..
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he didnt fall off, he was

he didnt fall off, he was lokk'd up, but if u heard gangsta grillz: welcome home project pat, u know he still got it, he just aint been makin no cds lately
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u serious joe?? first off,dat welcome home gangsta grills tape,dint even really had new pat material,those song's dat cd had where old as fuck! those where so call unreleased song's from the last album he did b 4 he went to prison,which was layin the smack down,which came out in '02. but in reality,those song's were released in the appeal project pat mixtape.he only had one new verse on dat drama tape,which was on swerve with black jak. "he just aint been makin no cds lately" ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ what u mean fammo?? he put out that crook by the book album in late'06.n then he followed dat shit in '07 with walkin bank roll. remember dat song "dont call me no more?? n he put out dat bangin ass track "ima keep it hood" this past october which is gettin alotta burn here in the chi,bitches n niggaz is luvin dat track,it got's a crazy ass sample on it.in his new cd is dropin this tuesday feb 24th. yall niggaz gotta get yall factz str8.go 2 amazon.com or sum shit. by the way,crook by the book,n walkin bank roll,werent all dat,is not pat's fault,is more like the production felt rushed.it wasnt on dat classic three 6 mafia prodiction tip.~Magic D
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alwayz ku$h

support the master
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alwayz ku$h

support the master

Pat Been That Nigga

Project Pat Been That Nigga Most Niggaz Just Gettin Em Like That Down Here South Cak We Been On This Man. Niggaz Dont Know Nunin Bout Ghetty Green, Ballerz We Be On Some Twanky Twankys. Mista Dont Play, Layin The Smack Down. Know Em Talkin Bout. Ya Dawg D Solo Out Thiz Mufucker One Time For Yo Mind