Dip In The Mix


1. (00:04:33) Juelz Santana Feat. Chris Brown - Back To The Crib
2. (00:03:32) Camron Feat. Vado & Byrd Lady - Arab Muzik
3. (00:04:12) Jim Jones - Frenemies
4. (00:03:21) Juelz Santana - Day Of Our Lives
5. (00:04:23) Camron - You The Baddest
6. (00:04:05) Jim Jones Feat. Ryan Leslie - Precious
7. (00:03:13) Juelz Santana - Shake That Ass
8. (00:02:37) Camron & Mase - Get It
9. (00:05:35) Jim Jones Feat. Noe & Chink Santana - Medicine
10. (00:03:05) Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne - By Myself
11. (00:03:53) Camron Feat. Vado - We Here Now
12. (00:05:18) Jim Jones - Religion
13. (00:03:49) Juelz Santana - Aggy
14. (00:04:04) Camron - Cocaine
15. (00:03:59) Jim Jones & Plies - Plenty Money
16. (00:03:10) Juelz Santana - Lets Cruise
17. (00:03:25) Camron Feat. Vado - Horror Story
18. (00:00:50) Jim Jones - Point Of View
19. (00:00:43) Juelz Santana - Girlfriend
20. (00:04:03) Camron - Professional
21. (00:01:43) Jim Jones Feat. Rell - Uptown
22. (00:00:52) Juelz Santana, Sen City & Un Kasa - I Wanna Bone
23. (00:02:23) Camron Feat. Vado & 40 Cal - Lennox & 7th
24. (00:01:32) Jim Jones Feat. Akon - Clack Clack

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NGMoney's picture

Lol ....

Jim jones and Juelz Aint dipset Cam sold Juelz's ass for like 500k to sony haha Nigga stole everything about cams style in his raps anyways

the 3 of them made some

the 3 of them made some beautiful music a few years ago tho at least
johnny7957's picture

I'm with you 100%

Them nigga's was the best together!!! I still bump they old shit everyday!!! Diplomatic Immunity 1 and 2!! Johnny C
PuRpLeH42eSm0kE's picture

Actually he sold Juelz

Actually he sold Juelz Santana's rights to Def Jam and Cam got 1 Mil not 500k. And mixtape is old. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Man, Cam & Juelz don't sound shit alike. JR Rider sound more like Cam than anybody. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
Upsouth804's picture

Oops...JR Writer

...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...

I just wish cam would get

I just wish cam would get back with JR writer, rell, 40...fuck juelz he's startin to turn gay like wayne..and jimmy has one of the worst flows in hip hop..listen to the first verse of that nanana song for proof...
SeanWade4287's picture

how you gonna have a dipset

how you gonna have a dipset tape with out jr writer
wats's picture

where the fuck is a-mafia

where the fuck is a-mafia at?!
NGMoney's picture

For real

Writer and 40 cal kill it they should of tossed some of there shit on here nad ye Writer does have some of the traits of Cams raps but at least he still dipset and hes pretty much Cams protege so what can you expect....