Evil Empire And Smitty - Fucxxx Smitty

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1. Intro - Fucxxx You Smitty
2. Fucxxx Smitty
3. Throw Away Cash
4. Swagalishis
5. Assume The Position featuring The Dream
6. Success
7. Miami's Finest featuring Ghostwritah
8. Re-Up
9. Did It To Yourself
10. Fucxxx Smitty Intermission
11. How You Want It
12. Ridiculous featuring Trae
13. Let The Drama Slide featuring Max B & Killa Kyleon
14. Heavy Chevy
15. Right Around The Corner featuring Slim Thug
16. Outro - Fucxxx You Smitty

Bonus Tracks
17. Died In Your Arms(Remix) featuring Rick Ross, T-Pain, & Junior Reid
18. Ghetto featuring Scarface, Kanye West, & John Legend
19. Tell Me featuring Mario & Chris Brown
20. Lil Haiti
21. Diamonds On My Neck(Remix) featuring Lil Wayne, Swizz Beatz, & Twista

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He is usually hit or miss,

He is usually hit or miss, does anyone think this is good?
DJ Smoke-A-Lot's picture

Best Mixtape Out Right Now!!!! 5 Starz * * * * *

I Dont Kno Why Niggaz Havent been d/l Dis,this shit iz straight Fire My Nigga Iz Back Raw wit Sum Bad Azz Lyricz No Joke mayne If you dont download it Den Sumthin wrong witcha Azz. "Let The Drama Slide" Track My Favorite, My Nigga Killin tha Track wit Strong Lyricz also my nigga Killa Kyleon!!!!
DJ Smoke-A-Lot's picture

MFizzel Et them Kno what They Been Missin!!!

Smitty iz back on his grind wit sumthin new for all yall lyric Headz.

Pass this up!

This is the worst mixtape on this fuckin site.. GET THIS SHIT OFFA HERE!.. Man i almost threw the fuck up listenin to this, man... Thats the last time imma pay this nigga any mind, This nigga may have just ended his fuckin career, go flip burgers or sell weeed.