Lil Wayne - Whistlin Dixie (Chopped & Screwed By DJ Rico & DJ Highrolla)


1. (00:01:56) Lil Wayne - Intro
2. (00:04:41) Lil Wayne - A Milli
3. (00:01:55) Lil Wayne - Paradise
4. (00:04:05) Lil Wayne - American Dream
5. (00:05:16) The Game Featuring Lil Wayne - My Life
6. (00:05:44) B.G. Featuring Lil Wayne - Ya Heard
7. (00:01:58) Lil Wayne - Stand Up
8. (00:01:22) Busta Rhymes Featuring Lil Wayne - Throw It up
9. (00:04:49) Lil Wayne - Shoot Me Down
10. (00:03:12) Lil Wayne - Phone Home
11. (00:04:58) Gorilla Zoe Featuring Lil Wayne - Lost
12. (00:03:13) Lil Wayne - Pimpin
13. (00:05:16) Lil Wayne Featuring Jay-Z - Mr Carter
14. (00:05:06) Glasses Malone Featuring Lil Wayne & Birdman - Haterz
15. (00:06:12) T.I. Featuring Jay-Z, Kanye West & Lil Wayne - Swagger Like Us
16. (00:05:16) T-Pain Featuring Lil Wayne - Can't Believe It
17. (00:03:27) Lil Wayne - Rider
18. (00:06:19) Lil Wayne Featuring Kanye West - Lollipop Remix
19. (00:02:31) Lil Wayne - Prostitute 2

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Man this shit for real. I was going to complain about another wayne tape but this screw shit on point though....COVER IS HOTT TOO! Five stars!


Eh these screwed versions of wayne are on point. Im through five tracks and all of them are fire.Intro is tight. Props to dj rico and dj highrolla. They on a come up!

just saw the wood panels on

just saw the wood panels on the front and realized its a hot tub of the purple drink lol great cover art . this shit rides but most chopped music is too much for me do chamillionaire next

A milli is dat joint shit is

A milli is dat joint shit is hot. Gotta really test this out with a fo and I report back. hahah. T-pain and ludacris chopped n screwed video just came out too

yo this tape is pretty hot,

yo this tape is pretty hot, is that joint paradise new?
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Um Yea.....

Surprisingly this shit goes hard. Probably because it is a good song selection & it was screwed & chopped right. good shit.

Vote for Obama

Real hard tape. I usually cant stand music that is chopped and screwed because its too jittery and interupts the flow of the song but this tape doesnt have as much chop on it and when it does it flows good with the song. Ill take both them honeys on the cover too. lol. DJ screw would be proud a dis shit.

THIS IS HOT!! It's worth

THIS IS HOT!! It's worth downloading just for the A Milli remix

This shit is HOT!

This shit is HOT!

Sauna all the way. Wayne's

Sauna all the way. Wayne's voice is built for chop & skrew but Im not really a fan of how Jay-Z sounds slowed down. Good work.

ah sey one

ah sey one

cover art is real dope

cover art is real dope
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wont fit

dope tape. love it. one problem how u get it on one 80min cd? anyone?

It depends on what program u

It depends on what program u use to burn the cd. You can't put 2 second gaps between the songs. Windows media player doesnt do like itunes or real player are two programs that allow you to choose gaps between songs or not.
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yea i use jetaudio and it leaves no gaps cept for 2secs at the start for the trackinfo i think. still it came up more than 2mins over. tough choice pickin which song to drop. spent almost an hour tryin to clip tracks and mix em tighter but to no avail..

I used real player and

I used real player and burned without the 2sec gap and it burned perfect! Just fyi