Fashawn - Higher Learning 2 (Hosted by DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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2011 XXL Freshman Cover Boy Fashawn teams up w/ DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar for Part 2 of his "Higher Learning" Mixtape series Presented by XXL Magazine. Includes features from J. Cole, GLC, Tony Williams, Gilbere Forte, Nio Tha Gift, Boaz & More!

01. Manny Pacquiao (Prod By Phonix)
02. For The G's Feat Grafik
03. Down That Road Feat Sam Hook (Prod By Nemis)
04. Relaxation Feat J. Cole & Omen (Prod By J. Cole)
05. Skit (Making It)
06. Do What I Gotta Do (Prod By Jrb)
07. In The Rain Feat Bravo & Grafik (Prod By Hecktik)
08. Nothin For The Radio Feat J. Cole (Prod By J. Cole)
09. Weed Nap Feat Boaz & Glc (Prod By Sayez)
10. Skit (Their Playing Music Again)
11. Just Another Day Feat Gilbere Forte (Prod By Necronan Beats)
12. Higher (Remix)
13. The Graduate Feat Nio Tha Gift & Halo (Prod By Mayerinated Beats)
14. Closer (Remix)
15. Catch Me When I Fall Feat Tony Williams (Prod By Jrb)
16. Strange Fruit Feat Common & John Legend
17. Interlude
18. Big Dreams (Prod By J. Cole)
19. Eastside Party (Prod By Hecktik)
20. Papers (Remix)
21. Going Home (Prod By Javelin)
22. Outro

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Fuck a nigga wiz khalifa. i wanna hear this nigga fash on the radio and on all the features. Sick flow and hardcore lyrics.

What? I know you ain't hatin on Wiz?

I know the nigga been caked up lately, but he made it. So it's still Taylor Gang or blow your own fuckin brains out. This nigga ain't got shit on Wiz, he sounds more like his offspring. I mean shit, I bet if this nigga blow up you prolly gon start knockin him too. This mixtape almost put me too sleep 5/10 for effort, at least he followed up but if the first one sucked ass then theirs really no point. " soundclick.com/jameswhiteispitpimpin ...BIAATCH! "
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Wiz=over rated

Wiz=over rated
HigherThan30ThousandFeet's picture

Taylor Gang or listen to Real Hip Hop

i guess you cant respect that head nod music. You need a bunch of horns, bells, snaps, whistles and a dude going yeeeeaahhhh biitch like a middle school retard. Fashawn is so far ahead you probably cant catch the concept unless it says "i smoke joints". then you gonna go hop on that trend like a new boy. i dont hate wiz. i just have zero respect for dude cause hes not original at all. hes pretty much soulja boy with out the dance

I'm with you.

Wiz sounds like a dude you when you got your hands around his collar asking him where your money at. Straight Pussy. I would listen to the wolf gang before Wiz


This shit was aite.. Got old real quick.. I kept track 2 tho.
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its kool but we all know as

its kool but we all know as soon as rolling papers come out niggas gone be all over that shit