Fleet DJs - This Is Dope Vol 1


DJ Supreme Set

1. James Brown - ( R.I.P ) Funky Drummer
2. DJ Hanway - These Are The Breaks
3. Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause
4. Derek B - Rock The Beat
5. Boogie Down Productions - Poetry

DJ Double Nyce Set

6. Redman - Sooperman Lover
7. Gang Starr - Ex Gril To The Next
8. Special Ed - Think About It
9. Special Ed - The Mission
10. Gang Star - Speak Ya Clout

DJ P. Money Set

11. Whodini - Five Minutes Of Funk
12. Malcolm Mclaren Feat. The Wolrd Famous Supreme Team Hey Dj
13. Davy Dmx - One For The Treble
14. Dimples D - Sucker Djs
15. Eric B & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
16. Big Daddy Kane - Raw
17. Just Ice - Latoya
18. Ultrmagntic MCs - Ego Trippin
19. Boogie Down Productions - I'm Still #1
20. DJ P-Money Outro

DJ O.S. Set

21. Mc Lyte - Paper Thin
22. Run DMC - Sucker Mc's
23. Eric B And Rakim - Eric B. For President
24. T La Rock - Its Yours
25. Queen Latifah - Black Hand Side
26. LL Cool J - Around Away Girl
27. Whistle - Just Buggin

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who are these ppl still promoting true shit.. and who are THOSE dumb ppl that writes comments like 1st and fuck ur flag my flag is more something. anyway much respect to this mixtape. 1 love.


wavy kid wrote:
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Shut the fuck up. Punk Ass Brits
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wavy kid wrote:
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You right, U.k is the 1st cocksuckers to down load this mixtape...good for you, n fix ya damn teeth u tea sippin homos.. Ne wayz dis mixtape is doppppe Gut it up, soft it up, roll it UP
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Love of the Ol Skool

You have to love the passion and word play of the Ol Skool. It's amazing that it's being called ol skool. When many of these artists are still alive, and this was what....Like 20 years ago. Which many of us were around or young kids when these songs were hitting. Regardless it's good to go back to street football, sno cones, and getting fresh to dress like a million bucks. Just to go to mall for hours to hopefully write down a number. Ha ha....funny. Writing down a number.... P.S. so what that you were first to post on here? That means exactly what for you and you repping the U.K.??? That proves something how..........give me a sec looking around........................................................................................ Nope just don't see it!!!!! Go Beyond the Familiar to Flourish

back then Rakim (truly 1 of

back then Rakim (truly 1 of the greatest) was an original MC 1st of all, getting paid then was like some good pussy and some thousand $.. now we got Rappers-actors casting for a record deal and some of them getting the milly.. as for me in 94 a pair of CB34 was tha szzhit, now i got pairs all over the place feeling none of those.. Or did u saw any real djs doing their thing? its more like Liiisteeen.. listen what mofo, ur cuts? 1 more.. back then was a handful of brothers, nowadays we got thousands of gangsters, pushers, haters, pimps.. when did hip-hop became the anthem of negativity?

Respect....but why does

Respect....but why does Rakim look 60 on the cover?LOL

cool tape, but....

....the normalizing/mastering is off. the volume differs between the DJ sets. good tape tho.