DJ 31 Degreez - The Forecast Pt. 8 (Duck Season)

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1. lil wayne and rick ross - duck season 5:47
2. u.s.d.a. ft. lil wayne, rick ross, fabolous - white 4:49
girl (remix)
3. t.i. and wyclef jean - u know what it is 4:41
4. b.g. - h.n.i.c. 1:06
5. juvenile and t-pain - everything (prod. by mannie 3:54
6. trae ft. jadakiss and styles p - smile 4:21
7. kiotti - cruisin fly 2:20
8. young buck - get money 3:45
9. fabolous and blue davinci - chirp anthem (not on 4:10
10. boyz n hood - n dat chevy 4:29
11. jadakiss ft. rick ross and styles p - take it down 4:12
12. lil wayne - talk it ova (not on weezyaveli) 3:18
13. gucci mane ft. shawty redd and fiend - the pushaman 3:56
14. trae ft. yung joc and gorilla zoe - throwaways 2:59
15. b.g. - nigga you owe me 0:39
16. webbie and foxx - grew up 2:58
17. lil boosie and webbie - swangin n swervin 3:26
18. gillie da kid and bump - white girl 2:03
19. freeway and jay-z - big spender 3:39
20. yung joc - dunks 3:45
21. trae - lalala 1:04
22. juvenile - who can i run to 3:48
23. brandon d - birds fly south 1:07
24. stack bundles (r.i.p.) - money on the hush 1:23
25. lil wayne - bonus track 1:31
26. duck season - outro 0:22

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31 Degreez

I can't f*ck wit' this dude ever since that "Weezyaveli" bullsh*t. Plus I already have most these tracks from the 25 other mixtapes they on. Pretty weak playlist.....but nice cover though!!! Hahah "Haze, Kush from Cali, old Denali's/ Baltimore, makin' dope sales in tha alleys(line up)/ I'm back, no more love songs/ my young boy in Philly do his thang wit' da gloves on......everybody is garbage, no exceptions" -Jadakiss Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

man take that shit back to

man take that shit back to new york then.. you probably dont like 31 cause he only really supports southern artists


First of all, can you read? I rep Baltimore, not NY B. Secondly, I'm originally from the gunshine state so I got no problem wit' the south. Thirdly, I respect the music and like anything thats good, unlike some of these region haters. I just made a vow to not support 31 Degreez after he compared Weezy F*ckin' Baby to Makaveli Da Don. Anybody that does that is DEAD WRONG!!! "Don't push me n*gga, I ain't p*ssy n*gga/ you "would be" killas, yeah this "could be" n*gga/ the last minute of ya last breath, I'm the last image right before ya last step/ Shotta, Block Poppa, my block hotta/ cross the line pay the fine, top dolla/ no matter ya age, creed, or color n*gga, can't cut it stay cuttin' through the butta n*gga" -Rick Ross Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1