G-Unit - Automatic Gunfire


1. (00:01:02) G-Unit - Duets 2 (Skit)
2. (00:02:15) G-Unit - Bang Bang
3. (00:02:25) G-Unit - If You Want It
4. (00:01:04) G-Unit - Duets 3 (Skit)
5. (00:01:55) G-Unit - Cross My Path
6. (00:04:22) G-Unit - I Smell Pussy
7. (00:00:26) G-Unit - Yayo (Skit)
8. (00:02:29) G-Unit - In Da Hood
9. (00:02:43) G-Unit - Round Here
10. (00:02:31) G-Unit - Bitches Ain't Shit
11. (00:02:10) G-Unit/Sean Paul - Shoot Em Up
12. (00:03:23) G-Unit - G-Unit Anthem
13. (00:03:09) G-Unit - Doing My Own Thing
14. (00:03:29) G-Unit - 8 More Miles

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ha ha ha

Pussy Unit in tha house....fucking faggots :)))


No doubt. I think 50 is running out of people to start beef with so he can get record sales. Ross album is on fire think i might buy that one. And for the record I'll support a prison officer before a snitch ANY DAY.
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this guy

how about not supporting either of the queers? "You A Internet Chatroom Thug.... Thinkin You A Wolf But Ya Heart Pumpin Racoon Blood"
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no doubt they suck now. random beefs that go nowhere... but, BUT atleast we have the classics when he was a hungry rapper and everyone was yellin g g g g g g unit. please post 'gods plan' 'no mercy no fear' now theres some classics.
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Classic G-Unit!!!!

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I hope you know this is an

I hope you know this is an old mixtape. I've had this 1 4 years.

which is why its in this

which is why its in this category: http://mixtapetorrent.com/classic-old-mixtapes