Ras Kass - Gayme Ova (Game Diss)

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Just another rapper trying

Just another rapper trying to make money out of beefing.. compared to GAME he's nothing.. he will get killed..

I will be suprised if GAME bothers replying.
Try Told You I Was Hot


its all about ras ..wa u ppl sayen

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u trippin

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im not even trying this,

im not even trying this, cause I already know he sucks

Pass on Ras Kass

I agree with Diplomats99. This is pretty much guaranteed to suck. I'm not going to bother with it.

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man GAME fake as a bitch. he just need to stop. Kass will expose him


Maan...u think rass kass can take the game? You gotta be kidding me...Kass is way past his prime and even if he wus in his prime he couldnt take the game...the game is takin g-unit by himself so you think he couldnt fuck up rass kass? HAHAHA

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The GAme is makin these Broke niggas look like bitches
Hes the most lyrical and these G-Unit niggas are garbage shit, i cant come to bump there shit anymore


what happend to the butterfly tatto????
Did he hide it where he keeps the stripper outfitt
and toungring ?????

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Ras Kass Exposes The Wanksta

Ras is definintley the best west coast artist next to Lil Eazy. Its gonna be funny as hell when that whiny, fussy, snitchbitch(I'm not even gonna say his name) tries to fuck wit him lyrically. Hopefully Ras will expose his past enough to end his career. I also hope him, and Lil Eazy both get signed to gunit. And to all you Gayme dyckryders, your supporting a BITCH. And that makes you a BITCH. Listen to real hip-hop, download this song. Peace.

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your a fool

1. your a fuckin fool rass kass is GGGGGarbage just like those fake ass guerilla pussies 2. The game as u dunt know knocked his out Rass Kass dropped after 1 punch and now Rass Kass claims 40 niggas jumped him and hit him wit beer bottles get ur info straight u fake pussy u dunt know a good rapper.......... Faggot go suck 50's dick

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RAS KASS has been widely considered a west coast legend when THE LAME was still sittin' on the sidelines (as just a fan). THE LAME has no street cred., a whole bunch of suspect incidences to explain ("Change Of Heart," being a stripper, butterfly tatoo, and lying about DRE being on his upcoming album), and very minimal talent to begin with. I honestly feel a sense of pity for some of the jits on this site, BUT I guess not everyone can have good taste.

Yes rass is a legend that

Yes rass is a legend that was never discovered or declared in any way, Xzibit, Snoop, Ice Cube, and Dre was legands. And your beleiving 5-0's dumb ass when he says shit like he was a stripper with a tongue ring and that Dre aint going to be on his album...thats so fucking retarded dre gave 50 straight fire beatz and 50 sang on it....who da fuck sings on a song about when gunz come out? Also if you really and i mean really listen to hip hop you would say to yourself and everyone in the world that Game has talent.


Ras Kass is just coming across as desperate.

Affraid to Answer?????

Why is it allways the sam shitt

All hardcore Gay-me fans that battle for him in the Forums
wont answer so here is another chanse

what happend to the butterfly tatto????
Did he hide it where he keeps the stripper outfitt
and toungring ?????

And how come that he can own a leagal GUN
if he is a Gangster whir rapsheets and all?????

i Bet that no one will answer to this cause the hardcore fans know this shit is true ????? so keep on riding Gay-mes dick like he wants it

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you know whats sad that all you fags believe everything 50 cent says and da rest of his gay crew. Those fags are just fake and haters that are maken shyt up about Game and obviously all you like G-unot 2 much anyways if u think i sayin Game is da best rapper your a fool an a half dunt get me wrong Game is sick he has more talent than u fools and the fools u call rappers but J-hood, 40 cal, J.R writer, Cassidy and Shyne would fuck all you fools up lyrically.

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You are just a stupid-ass 4 callin 50 fake when you like Gayme. When Gayme wuz strippin for cash 50 wuz out pushin bricks. Next time do you your research faggot.

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Someone finally told Games bitch ass that the butterfly tat if fucking stupid, they called him a faggot, so he tatted LA over. how stupid can this mothafucka be. How stupid can you dickriders be. STOP LISTENING TO WHAT HE SAYS, HE A LIAR! bitch had no tats when gunit signed him, he a bitch, faggot coverin up the crip set tat on his neck too. this stupid dude must have thought hard..."hmmm do I want to be a blood or crip?? then when he aint feel like being crip no more, he thought he could be blood. and if i was Snoop I'd slap the shit out that bitch, he nothing, just baby shit

I must admit...this diss

I must admit...this diss track came way harder than Ras' last diss track "Hush Little Baby". His actually stepped his game up a little bit.

But I'm still no fan of Ras Kass. In this track, Ras said that this is part 2 of his trilogy...so he's gonna do one more diss track on Game, and he said he "promises is gonna be like "Ether"...I wanna hear that.

But Ras is basically doing all of this to promote his album "Eat Or Die".

Game's New Song

yo game gotta new song out called pistol grip pump wit juice..its pretty hot...he uses less than 8 bars to respond to Kas lol...i aint takin sides bcuz i listen to everybody


First im gonna say i dont think rass kass is garbage cuz he isnt BUT the game is also not garbage because the guy has a ridic flow and u gotta give him props for takin g-unit by himself...he aint gettin help from d-block or anyone...plus 50 cent sucks now...back in the day he used to put out good music now he has his gay ass g-unit WHICH lloyd banks and young buck are 50 times better than 50 is. If 50 went back the to the good ol days he wouldnt suck so much dick...and i really dont give a shit if game wus a stripper...music is music and if its good ill listen. i wont give a shit if ur a stripper or a gang member.

straight trippin

i cant believe nikkuhs really believe this shit..how do u believe in sumone u dont know...u cant see thru people...that nikkuh game..how the hell do people believe this guy..put rappin aside..nikkuhs actually defend a nikkuh "like ya, yo son dat nikkuh the truth" "he dont strip he aint on change a heart"..theres proof..who cares if u like 50 or not..ras kass or not...the nikkuh game is real lame...he a girl mad emotional..i kno yall behind ya computer screen n dont have a face n shit...real fuckin internet thugs...if u really know this nikkuh and he aint have no rappin skills n u seen him on change a heart..wud u defend this nikkuh...tongue ring n all..nikkuhs is emotional like gayme bitch ass..he dont put shit in yo pocket..if u rate the nikkuh on image he a bitch...on lyrics he can rap so can nikkuh on the corner my block..and on tracks he aint in the top 10 no way...yall lyin to ya fuckin self...go look in the mirror n say sorry to ya self..nikkuhs is trippin fo real...hahahahaha

who gives a shit

I don't know who said Game wasn't on Change of Heart, he admitted it himself. "Change of heart tapes, that was my claim to fame...that was a win win...in my situation." And who gives a shit if he used to have a toung ring. I wanted to dye my hair blue when I was younger and I wouldn't be caught dead doin that shit now. All that shit you be talkin about Game is weak and has nothin to do with the man he is now. Bottom line. You cats ain't got shit to say about what he's done in the past year, besides cover up a tattoo. If he's makin hot records now and is still spittin about real shit, then that's all that should matter.

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who da fuck r u

Nigga ur fake as fuck talkin like your a straight gangsta shut the fuck up aint no1 fallin for your act and lol who said 50 was sellin packs ahahahahaha thats a jk anyways i dont like Game that much and i dont have proof of him being a stripper and etc, and untill i hear him say that he had a toungue ring and was a stripper i will listen 2 his music but when he admits to that than ill be hitting the delete button.Anyways i hope Shyne kills G-unot when hes out and sets the rap game straight!

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Asun you homo

y'all crack me up - takin your internet beefs too serious: its one big show and gives shit rappers like gillie the kid or ras kass or tru life something to rap about specially when they are as crap a lyricist as ras kass is. oh and asun cuh, you need to be schooled on that "nikkuh" ish since its making you look like a retard with some speech problem!
So settle down, internet beef is as lame as the muthafuckas in it lol
I'm with polar: support shyne. godfather buried alive.


look at these nikkuh gettin at me...like i fuckin told u to fuckin ride anotha nikkuhs dick..dats right nikkuh!...its entertainment so be entertained dummy..i aint a fan a game..and whut..i aint too fond a 50 either..now shyne he a belizean nikkuh imma play dat shit...and all im sayin was the internet thug shit is lame..these fuckin dudes dont put money in ya pocket so y take this shit soo seriously..dats all NIKKUH

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i aint nobody's fuckin 'nikkuh' and stop getting worked up behind your computer screen. just chill and cop some good music

Takin it too far

ok ppl on here are taking this rap thing too far on the internet. people are gettin all worked up wheneva their artist gets talked about..now think about it...would 50 or the game really care if somebody talked about you..would they start cussin othe people out for you?..i highly doubt it. so everybody jus needs to calm down wit all dis internet beef..its not that serious. personally i dont give a dan what any rapper did the past as long as they make good music im gonna keep listenin to em...what rapper do on there on time or what they did in the past is their business

yall stupid

mane ras kass sucks,not worth downloadin...jus lyk yall niggaz said he killin g unit,all of em by hisself wut makes u think kass gonna come n e whurr near him?????n fo tha nigga that said lil eazy n raskass tha best on tha wst u a stupid ass that shouldnt b on here...both them niggaz iz weak,lil eazy givin his dad a bad name,everybody kno that snoop game cube eazy e n tupac


I dont get how wut you did in the past has to affect wut goes on now...Great game wus a stripper i dont give a mother fuck, he puts out dope music. This isnt even about rass kass dissin the game, its about all you dumb fucks who wait for someone to diss the game then change the whole fuckin subject. A diss is a diss, great but that doesnt mean people have to start acting all thug on their computers like they can back up their shit. MUSIC IS FUCKIN MUSIC. Listen and shut the fuck up. P.S. Asun you are an idiot AHHAHAH...Ur prolly the whitest kid ever and ur TYPING the word nigga like "nikkuh"...HAHAH wut hood did u grow up in? Your normal everyday suburbs just like any other normal person.

u people need some fuckin

u people need some fuckin hiphop lessons.

Ras Kas has been doing it for ywars, hes am underground legend and long time wu-tang collaberater. just because he doesnt have a fuckin tatto on his face and pose naked in gay million dollar videos doesnt mean he isnt a great mc. game is a pussy and a striper, i mean di you see that episode of change of hear? he cries over his girlfriend. get a grip on reality pop music fans

Idiots...Pure Idiots

If anyone thinks rass kass sux then ur and idiot...but if u think game sux then ur an idiot too. I hope all of u who hate on the game for being a stripper end up on the streets and are forced to strip for money yourselves. HAHAHHA. Point is i really think everyone who hates on the game because he was stripper all hate on him because they just dont like him...not his music. I mean you could pretty much bump any song on the documentary and im hoping the doctors advocate is gonna be sick too, from the tracks ive heard so far it should be a hit. Just dont hate on the guys music.

Rass is a bitch...

Notha BS rapper. what the fuck is this? he took a spider loc song and re fucking did it.

Realest words spoken

"Lodi"=Realest words spoken