Glasses Malone - F*ck Glasses Malone (The Mixtape)


1. The "I Aint Shit" Intro
2. ONE
3. Grown Man Anthem
4. Like Suge
5. House Niggaz feat. RioT
6. Bob Lieberman (Interlude)
7. Fuck G. Malone
8. Where Itz At feat. Lil Wayne & Cam'Ron
9. Fuckin' Ya Girl feat. Red Cafe & Quiz
10. Haterz feat. Lil Wayne & BirdMan
11. 24/7/365 feat. Huey & Maino
12. Lonely At The Top
13. Welcome 2 the Mainstream

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G-Malones good as The Game

Best keep an eye on this dude, when he drops his CD with Weezy its goina be CRAZY

Who else but me ???? Finally

Who else but me ???? Finally a dude from the west i can actually stand to listen to. Glasses doing his thang !!!!


DONT SLEEP! G malone go hard Track dissing hinself and wayne/bird and a bunch of others is fkn hilarious, i like this homo lol