Gorilla Zoe - Stupid Cupid Shawty


01 - Dont Flex Ft J-Bless Produced By Nb
02 - Kissed A Girl R And S
03 - Main Girl Ft Bless Produced By Nb
04 - Sweat Ft Bless Produced By Nb
05 - What Is Love
06 - Zoe Baby Daddy
07 - Da Baddest
08 - Drop It
09 - La Da De
10 - My Goodies Ft Lika Joon
11 - She My Girl

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Dis nigga again man lol but its like only 2 gud songs on here 7&8 and 11 is ok but mixtape is garbage
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ah day late and dollar short

havent heard it yet may not fuck with this tho....but big ups to zoe.... 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE

Why are there so many Zoe

Why are there so many Zoe tapes circulating all of a sudden? Finding Myself. youtube.com/user/EdwardFrostJR
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hes doing 28 tapes in 28 days

hes doing 28 tapes in 28 days


DAMN Zoe u makin ur self look bad i understand what u tryin to do but its not for u zoe its not bout how many tapes u put out its da quality dey got u out here shit im at a lost of words


This Tape is WACK!!!!