Gunplay - Short Fuse


01 Gunplay - Intro
02 Gunplay - What They Yellin'
03 Gunplay - Hustle Hard (G-Mix)
04 Gunplay - No Arm & Hammer
05 Gunplay - Gunplay Checks In
06 Gunplay - Mask On [Prod. By Lil Lody]
07 Gunplay - Mike Tyson [Prod. By Cy Fyre]
08 Gunplay Feat. Rick Ross & Waka Flocka Flame - Rollin' (Remix) [Prod. By Lil Lody]
09 Gunplay Feat. Rick Ross & Meek Mill - The Finals [Prod. By D.Rich]
10 Gunplay - I Get Money (G-Mix)
11 Gunplay - It's A Party (G-Mix)
12 Gunplay - Herbalist
13 Gunplay - Drum Squad
14 Gunplay & Young Breed - Dope Game
15 Gunplay - John (G-Mix)
16 Gunplay & Toedown - Merk Sumin'
17 Gunplay - Gunplay Checks In
18 Gunplay - Straight Up Menace
19 Gunplay - Just The Surface

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Gunplay been goin' hard. i

Gunplay been goin' hard. i fuks wit it>AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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Gunplay been goin' hard .

Gunplay been goin' hard . ifuks wit it>AZ Southwest Gunslinger "S.S.C."
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Yeah gunplay is nice

Yeah gunplay is nice
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Kat could be a problem

Keep an eye on em.. This nikka releasin banga after banga silently.
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dninc wrote:
Keep an eye on em.. This nikka releasin banga after banga silently.
yeah they sleep...he fucks with my team HUSTLE HARDER INC. outta tampa when he comes thru tampa he slides by the shop and fucks with us sometimes even gets tatted there nigga kept it real komes in the flea market and just post up and him as a person is mad kool
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You be at the flea market by the drive in and them New Apartments and all? i see they building a Chinese restaurant in front of it too lol... I only been to that Flea Market a couple of times, might have to come check out what u got.


i deleted after listening. Not impressed, dude may have potential but someone better hook this guy up with some producers that are gonna make him sound better, becuz all i heard was screaming yelling and the beats got annoying after 1 min in each song. Iso some kick ass beats with this guys verses could be a killer tape. im just sayin my opinion becuz this tape aint that good.