Hollowman Giggs Presents - The SN1 Mixtape Another Quick One


01. Giggs - The Last Straw 02:28
02. Giggs And Gunna - We Do This All Day 03:28
03. Joe Grind And Kyze - Oooooooh!!! (Feat. Chelsi Lauren) 03:49
04. Kyze - Yes 02:59
05. Giggs - Pack A N****s (Feat. Screw) 03:19
06. Boost - Freestyle 02:52
07. Giggs And Gunna - Freestyle 02:39
08. Gunna - Get It In 01:30
09. Giggs - Music 03:31
10. Giggs - Cut Above The Rest (Feat. Shola Ama) 04:06
11. Giggs And Kyze - Playtime 2 02:36
12. Kyze - You Should Be Ashamed 02:24
13. Joe Grind - Wrong Dude 02:50
14. Joe Grind And Giggs - Get The Bally Out (Feat. LB) 04:16
15. Giggs - Freestyle 01:34
16. Giggs - Hollow Meets Ortiz (Feat. Joel Ortiz) 02:57
17. Giggs Kyze And Joe Grind - Sometimes I Wonder 04:06
18. Joe Grind - Step Back 03:13
19. Boost - Freestyle (Feat. Killa KI) 02:44
20. Giggs - Another Quick One (Feat. Killa KI) 03:14
21. Giggs - Gangstas 01:12
22. Giggs - Going In (Feat. Dubz) 03:16
23. Giggs - Vibezing 02:58

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Ain't feeling this.........

Respect to Giggs / Mykal Million etc for posting this tape on here, there needs to be shit loads more coming out the UK to showcase the talent. I got to be honest I been listening to Hip-Hop / Rap / Grimme a long time and I seen Giggs slingin his shit on Channel U (UK RAP T.V. Channel) but I just missed the point with this dude - I'm saying I ain't feeling his style man. Anybody enlighten me be my guest. Dude has come a long way in a short space of time. I'm listening to this tape as I write this 10 tracks deep and yeh it is improving - man has talent don't get me wrong - something does keep you listening - I just think he is one of the many in the UK scene who is too American influenced. Why have so many references to American shit when you ain't American and you ain't in America!! We don't have cell phones, FEDs, and Hoods we got mobiles, Police and Manor's. You are supposed to be a lyrical craftsman who can construct flow's using intelligence, talent etc. please I ain't pure hating more constructive criticism. We all know America is where it started, where the game is so mature beyond all our wildest dreams, where there has been billions made, but please for fuck sake drop that shit and keep it straight UK!! Fucking fed up of hearing that shit. Listen to Plan B, Dizzee, Skinny Man etc these dude's know how to keep it real. Left it to last track to finish the post and yeh this tape is good. My perspective has changed a fraction, if you like UK Rap / Hip-Hop and you like it gangster, deep and dirty, slow American south style beats and nasty slow lyrics then you will go mad for this. I personally hope he tones to down the American influences and develops the UK side to be a true UK G............... PEACE - OUT


bruv y u chattin shit 4! giggs is most probably da best rapper inda uk rite now n ure talkin about.....how he aint american n he shud stop actin american rah rah rah.....if it was not for americans hip hop der won't even be hip hop or grime so wat is he suppoed 2 do sing or sumfin u goon! so i dnt kno wat ure talkin about u fukin prick!writing a whole essay n shit in a forum hahah u fukin neek!

I ain't pure hating more

I ain't pure hating more constructive criticism. as he says he is not pure hating why dont you read before you come on winging like a bitch read what he said. Giggs Is Doing Big Things His Tracks Are On Constant Pull Up
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Giggz is BIG, but theres BETTER

neek...only south man use that word. Anyway Giggz is big, people should stop the hatin. But there are a few better rappers in East like Margz, 3 and Joe Black (in North/East). The Pound Is Stronger Than The Dollar, Holla!!!

Like it was said

i rate giggs proper but there's better man on road, like it's good he's not selling out like tinie and tinchy strydz but honestly, you heard family tree man like merky, tko and m.i.k.?