DJ Kool Kid - House Party Vol. 1

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01. Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen - No Diggity
02. Horace Brown - Taste Your Love
03. Jagged Edge - Sleepin In My Bed Remix
04. Horace Brown feat. Jay-Z - Things We Do Remix
05. 112 feat. Biggie - Only You Remix
06. T.I. - Why You Wanna
07. Fabolous - Baby
08. Babyface feat. Pharell - There She Goes
09. Chris Brown feat. Juelz Santana - Run It
10. Jay-Z - I Just Wanna
11. 50 Cent - Candy Shop
12. Chingy - Right Thurr
13. Cassidy feat. Mary J Blige - Hustler Remix
14. B2k feat, Fabolous - Girlfriend Remix
15. Jay-Z - H To The Izzo
16. Notorious Big - Dreams
17. Notorious Big - I Gotta Story To Tell
18. Notorious Big - One More Chance
19. Notorious Big - Hypnotized
20. Notorious Big - Who Shot Ya
21. Jay-Z - Brush Ya Shoulders Off
22. Jay-Z & Notorious Big - Money, Cash, Hoes
23. Jay-Z & Notorious Big - Brooklyn's Finest
24. Mase, P Diddy & Notorious Big - More Money, More
25. The Lox feat. Lil Kim & Dmx - Money, Power, Respect
26. P. Diddy, Mase & Notorious Big - Been Around The World
27. Mary J. Blige feat. Notorious Big - Real Love Remix
28. Busta feat. Sean Paul & Spliff Star - Make It Clap Remix
29. DJ Kool Kid - Interlude
30. Digital Underground - Humpty Dance
31. Lil Shawn - I Made Love
32. Christopher Williams - Everything Little Thing
33. Gangstarr feat. Nice & Smooth - Dywck
34. Black Sheep - This Or That
35. Speacial Ed - I Got It Made
36. Das Efx - hey Want Efx
37. Black Sheep - Flavor Of The Month
38. Vybz Kartel & Shabba Ranks - Money In The Bank
39. Elephant Man - Gal Bruk
40. Vybz Kartel - No
41. Assassin - Hotter Than Her
42. Elephant Man - Gangsta Rock
43. Bounty Killer - Killer To Killer
44. T.O.K. - angsta
45. Ward 21 - hink Twice
46. T.O.K. - Guns Pop Off
47. Swizz Beats - It's Me Snitches
48. Kool Kid - Outro

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good tape i wish it wasnt 1

good tape i wish it wasnt 1 big song tho. yoooo00o anyone kno how to break it up ?

splitting tapes

yea i dont know whats good with that, alot of tapes been 1 file latly to split up the tape you need to have the cue file, this tape when i downloaded it didnt have the cue file, so i couldnt split it, when you have the cue file you need cue splitter then it will split, if the tape has no cue file, you need 2 make it urself, then use da cue splitter, i aint beat 2 make a cue file and all that sorry homies, enjoy the tape tho, it aint that bad you got a tracklist 8)

yo shoot2kill, don't mean to

yo shoot2kill, don't mean to bother u or w/e but u cant cop my picture tag like that, i had this shit way before u, check how long i been here compared to u. i mean its cool u like da dips but u cant rock the same shit as me. thats not right


didnt cop

never noticed you had da same 1, its dipset allday!


Wow .. ur pretty cool russelsimmons

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just guessin....

im just guessin, but these prob arent the full songs anyway...hence 'house party'. who would want half a song anyway?
ole-bah ni-mi

Likin this way back play

Likin this way back play back. The whole cd as 1 track is annoying but for the most part the tracks are decent enoungh not to need to fast forward



Nice selection of tracks, in

Nice selection of tracks, in fact that is most of my set from TWO years ago. I’ll keep an eye out for vol. 2 but I hope I’m not disappointed by another set of old (but nice) songs. ps. I’d have chucked in Memory Tapes, The Ruby Suns, and Architecture in Helsinki. Charlotte Party Bus


This shit is old as a muthafucka! lol