lll Poetic Presents NIN Meets Outkast - Nine Inch Naliens

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This isn't the 1st time I posted something from Ill Poetic. He lives up to "Ill"...

Some of you might remember this post that I made: www.mixtapetorrent.com/modd-muzik-third-joe-budden-portishead

Well, here's another "mashup" of sorts. This time focusing on OutKast, one of the most critically acclaimed Hip-Hop/Rap acts & Nine Inch Nails...the OutKast of the Alternative world.

This doesn't disappoint. The beats go surprisingly well.

Try it out: www.zshare.net/audio/1848286962f6179c/

1 Southernihilisticcadillacmuzik
2 Skew It On The Bar B
3 Atliens
4 Rosa Parks
5 Black Ice
6 Wheelz Of Steelz
7 Elevators
8 International Players Anthem
9 13th Floor
10 In Due Time
11 The Art Of Storytelling Pt 1
12 B.O.B.

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Nine Inch Nails', Trent created everything from music for The Cure, to Manson, to Rob Zombie, to modern day Emo/Goth! Outkast...Outkast created everything on the side of the spectrum.
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Heard it begining to end (44 min), it's alright 'cuz alot of NIN popular songs were not used.

this is cool

sounds good i like it

re problems with downloading

Does any one else have any issues trying to download this torrent.? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA

check here


This is a great mixtape

Even if you don't know who NIN is you should download this, if you like Outkast. This is a great all around mixtape. Being a fan of both I really ejoyed this from begining to end. We need more mixtapes like this. Thanks to TripBFB for submitting this.
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How dare somebody post a real mixtape on this site or try and sell it on the corner somewhere's.. LOL.. This is a tight lil CD.. Short but real good.. Download or buy it and Support stuff like this.. Real mixing and Unsigned artist is what it's all about.. I wish Big artist stop using it to put out Promo shit for their debut album and callin a Promo CD a Mixtape.. Thats just retarded on the DJ part for even putting on his mixtape.. IT"S PROMO!!.. If only one DJ got it, then it's exclusive tracks, if multiple DJ's got it, it's Promo shit no other way to say it.

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