J. Armz - How To Be An MC Radio Edition 3

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1. Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg & Akon - Kush (prod. by Dr. Dre & DJ Khalil)
2. Cam'ron & Vado - Up In Here (prod. by araabMUZIK)
3. Lil' Wayne - 6 Foot 7 Foot (prod. by Bangladesh)
4. Nicki Minaj ft. Drake - Moment For Life (prod. by T-Minus)
5. Travis Porter - Make It Rain (prod. by FKi)
6. Kanye West - Dark Fantasy (prod. by RZA, No ID & Kanye West)
7. Lloyd Banks - Start It Up (prod. by Cardiak)
8. Nicki Minaj ft. Eminem - Roman's Revenge (prod. by Swizz Beatz)
9. Dirty Money - Coming Home (prod. by Alex Da Kid)
10. Birdman ft. Lil-Wayne - Fire Flame (prod. by Kill Will)
11. Pimp C ft. Drake & Bun B - What Up (prod. by Boi-1da)
12. Fred Da Godson - Too Fat (prod. by Street Fabulous)
13. Rihanna ft. Drake - Whats My Name (prod. by StarGate)
14. Willow Smith - Whip My Hair (prod. by Jukebox)
15. Chris Brown - Deuces (prod. by KMac)
16. David Banner & 9th Wonder ft. Ludacris & Marsha Ambrosius - Be With You (prod. by 9th Wonder)
17. Soulja Boy - Speakers Going Hammer (prod. by Boi-1da)
18. Keyshia Cole ft. Nicki Minaj - I Ain't Thru (prod. by The ARE)
19. Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me (prod. by Drew Money)
20. Maclyn Lucille - Head 2 Toe (prod. by Knesecary)
21. Twista ft. Chris Brown - Make A Movie (prod. by Traxster)
22. T-Pain ft. Rick Ross - Rap Song (prod. by Young Frye)
23. Lil Wayne - No Quitter, Go Getter (prod. by Tha Bizness
24. Wiz Khalifa - Black And Yellow (prod. by Stargate)
25. T.I. - Get Back Up (prod. By The Neptunes)
26. Red Cafe - Money Money Money (prod. by Jahlil Beats)
27. Cyhi Da Prynce -

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More instrumentals for me to wreck on! Yall subscribe to my channel ima be produceing my own shit in a lil while and trust me my Rap shit is Far more relevent then my freestlyes! i'll give you that (It still is what it is Coming soon)
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Shut the fuck up dickhead before i destroy you yet again. How many lies can one fat greasy nigga tell LMFAO! FIX UP LOOK SHARP!
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Will you keep ya shit up...

or will you just remove it from your page as soon as folks make fun of ya fat ass like you did last time. By the time I read Screw & thatshit's comments on here laughin' at ya "freestyle," the shit was gone before I could even listen.
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Youtube deleted my video, i didn't delete shit! (It still is what it is Coming soon)
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You Keep Bullshittin'

When I clicked on that link to your video, it said it was deleted by THE USER. Please don't comment anymore. The shit's just getting sad now.

LMFAO Get the FUCK outta'ere!

With as much hatin' as you do on eerbody elses shit I wouldn't expect you to try and sell shit. You a mark, I bet I'd eat'cho bitch ass up for breakfast in a rap battle. You ain't fuckin wit me homes, peep game-->www.soundclick.com/jwhizzle87 " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "
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that bitch dude aint even

that bitch dude aint even who he says he is. Southwest, just shut yo ol' bitch ass tha fuck up already godamn troll.
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yo fag stop

eryone knows u cant rap an i never even herd u but u suck , even my wackest freestyles could beat your best writtens
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southwest Ill drop you a free beat

you been talking mad heads for years. if you cant kill this beat... then we all know you really trash http://soundcloud.com/therealdank/function
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Naw i dont want your shitty beats, and ima good productive Incomparable artist just wait til i get my mic back. (It still is what it is Coming soon)
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You cant flow for shit you

You cant flow for shit you ol faget ass bitch, u rap like a muthafukin hoe. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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SouthPest Careers

  • 5th ward Goon.
  • Movie theater Concession and flash light police.
  • Enters the Navy - Denied because he too fat and can't float.
  • Suddenly a Arizona of Phoenix Graduate.
  • Somehow works for Microsoft in Texas (not realizing MS is in Washington) and claims to be a hacker.
  • All of this happened in the span of 1 year (2010)
    Now 2011 start's:
  • Now he's a Rapper that graduated from Arizona of Phoenix and a producer that works for Microsoft and hacks on his free time.
  • To be continued..
  • Mr.Southwest's picture

    Quit putting words in my mouth.

    First of all motherfucker i never said i graduated from "arizona of Phoenix" i just applied online but they never accepted me or gotten a call, and I worked for BP not microsoft,im not from 5th ward im from Houston,and i got fired from cinemark since the beggining of '09,yes i got unacepted from the navy because i told them that i didn't want to join anymore..Quit misqouteing people you fucking werido! (It still is what it is Coming soon)
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    Outcha own mouth

    Mr.Southwest wrote:
    5th Ward Tx Off That Lockwood Dr.
    Just be smart for a second and shut the fuck up.
    PS. now we see why your Hero is Gucci mane: http://www.thisis50.com/forum/topics/gucci-mane-claim-he-cant-go-to?commentId=784568%3AComment%3A22951502
    SMF... Talk about >>> Short Burrrs


    Damn Dninc u str8 murder that kid!! Poor Mr. Fuckwest, I kinda feel sorry for him sometimes. Theres something very wrong with that boy. I hope he just playin pullin our chain because anybody that fucking stupid has to have some kind of mental illness! Is like he dont know he makes himself look like an idiot with his dumbass comments he posts. Short memory like a mawfawcka! 2 words... CRACK-BABY.


    Yo, stop, jus stop, yall got my stomach hurtin' from laughin so goddamn hard. Southwest your a fuckin loser. You have lost all talk shit privelleges on this site. You should change your account name immediatley. How stupid could you be not to get accepted to an online college? LMFAO, I thought they accepted everyone with a fuckin GPA. Do you even have a GPA? " FUCK A BUGATTI, BITCH I RIDE CUTLASS "
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    You just cant help yourself can you fat boy, you are the most fucked up nigga ever. Told you all before this fool is getting off on the abuse. Nigga sitting there in his gimp mask and nans pantes jizzing all over the place lmfao. One more for Dninc's list is Mixtape torrent moderator lmfao nigga please get the medical help you desperatly need we will all hold a fund raiser for your broke ass! What will be the next job you will have for 2011? 2/1 Astronaut 4/1 Gynaecologist 5/1 Owner of microsoft 6/1 King of England. Seen a job for you, think you will definitley get it please apply its for a new baboon in London zoo lmfao. You a dead cert to get in nigga! FIX UP LOOK SHARP!
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    with all that money you have you shoulda been have a mic. bitch ass nigga/ hater. ( coming soon to you is like 10 years ) you late
    Mr.Southwest's picture


    Danimal101 wrote:
    . ( coming soon to you is like 10 years ) you late
    (It still is what it is Coming soon)
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    Damn southwest what tha fuck is wrong with yo pathological lying ass? aint you at least gonna try defend your lies? You a worthless ass piece of shit dog! C'mon Son!
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    Dammmn they be on thkis nigga head...everytime I see his dumbass

    Say anything...lol the Shkit funny a.f .. Real recognize real and real u ain't Nv been...lol pussy EASTSIDE OF THkA 110 WE BUSTA KILLAZ........(i cant stand bitch ass nigga)
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    Since I see that yall are real hip hop heads

    I got this track that has been really picking up, hear in NC. I wanted you all to check it and give some feed back on that and if you rocks wit it, spread the word about it (you know trying to get those youtube numbers up). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyUtz40PwOc&feature=related -my videos are under the real titles!!!
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    I listened to your song man. It was iight. I had a hard time following whatever the hell you were talking about though?? I dont know why so many cats come into the game with nothing to say but money, dope, and bitches. I know theres more to life than that! You should treat your mixtapes/albums like a movie. Write your songs like your a character in a movie about your life story with action, drama, comedy, you know real life situations from start to end. People adapt to shit like that because they might be going through something similiar. If you just mimic the next man and talk about rims, weed, and pussy than i hope you have a killer beat to go with it because people dont even listen to lyrics like that. If it dont come with a nice beat they just going to pass on it and go bump something better like Gucci Or Waka. I dont like Gucci or Waka but thats the type of dudes doing that type of music rightnow. The reason people listen to them is because they like the way it makes their trunk shake, not because of the lyrics hell naw! You feel me what im saying?? I hope you dont take my comment the wrong way and pull the "hate" card on me, Im just giving you my honest opinion. Its your music, you can do whatever you want with it.
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    good post

    I agree
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    Come ON now!!!

    so is the mixtape good or not???i need some beats "Snow Money Ent Hypothermia HOsted by DjKtone free download @ datpiff.com"
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    good or no good?

    heh, its funny how most comments have nothing to do with the actual music presented for us all to d/l. This site should be used for feedback on the songs but I'm not gonna lie, the ppl on here keep me pretty amused. Now back to lecture at hand.. Yo Mr. Southwest, let em' all hate. Judging by what ppl say, your rhymes are pretty lame. I'm not gonna even give it listen til ppl start posting good shit about your "shit" on here. i believe the more ppl that hate on you, the more likely you are to succeed, unless you're a pussy. I like pussy, but being one is different. "Do not confuse the specter of your origin" - Master Splinter