T-Pain - prEVOLVEr (The Mixtape)


T-Pain drops his official new mixtape prEVOLVEr with features from Lil Wayne, Birdman, Field Mob, Tay Dizm, Brisco & More!

01 T-Pain Feat. Birdman - Speech (Prod. By Youngfyre)
02 T-Pain Feat. Field Mob - I Done Showed You (Prod. By Youngfyre)
03 T-Pain Feat. Tity Boi - Big Man (Prod. By Tha Bizness)
04 T-Pain Feat. Lil Wayne & Smoke Of Field Mob - Hoes And Ladies (Prod. By Youngfyre)
05 T-Pain - You Copying Me (Prod. By Tha Bizness)
06 T-Pain - Danger (Prod. By Young Fyre)
07 T-Pain - Muffuga (Prod. By Youngfyre)
08 T-Pain Feat. One Chance - So Much Pain (Prod. By Youngfyre)
09 T-Pain - The Word (Prod. By Khalil)
10 T-Pain - Test Drive (Prod. By Cannon)
11 T-Pain Feat. Mistah Fab - Money On The Floor (Prod. By Tha Bizness)
12 T-Pain - What (Prod. By Youngfyre)
13 T-Pain Feat. Tay Dizm - Depressing (Prod. By T-Pain)
14 T-Pain Feat. P.L. Official And B. Martin - Motivated (Prod. By Youngfyre)
15 T-Pain Feat. One Chance - Yasimelike (Prod. By Youngfyre)
16 T-Pain Feat. Severe - Hit Em Wit It (Prod. By Youngfyre)
17 T-Pain Feat. One Chance - Nightmare (Prod. By Youngfyre)
18 T-Pain Feat. One Chance - Money Dance (Prod. By Youngfyre)
19 T-Pain Feat. Tay Dizm - Bring It Back (Prod. By Rick N Prez)
20 T-Pain Feat. Dawn - Fantasy (Prod. By T-Pain)
21 T-Pain - Open (Prod. By Khalil)
22 T-Pain - I'll Make U (Prod. By Tha Bizness)
23 T-Pain - Have It (Prod. By T-Pain)
24 T-Pain Feat. One Chance - I Might Have To Go (Prod. By T-Pain And Lil C)
25 T-Pain - I'm Just Sayin (Prod. By Youngfyre)
26 T-Pain - What's The Bidness
27 T-Pain Feat. Brisco And Joey Galaxy - Out The Hood (Prod. By Youngfyre)
28 T-Pain Feat. Joey Galaxy - Top Flight Sex (Of The World) (Prod. By Youngfyre)
29 T-Pain - Keep It Coming (Prod. By So Inkredibles)
30 T-Pain Feat. Krizz Kaliko And Bow Wow - Welcome Home (Prod. By Khalil)

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Damn, he took his time

Ive been waiting for this, hopefully it lives up to the hype http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NVCvwsvfQg
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Imma check this out... BUT

Imma check this out... BUT AY CHECK ME OUT ALSO YAW !!! GUARANTEE U LIKE !! REAL TALK. I appreciate it if u do !! thanks http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/JSax/profile/ http://www.youtube.com/user/JSax777 http://www.datpiff.com/profile/JSax7 http://www.facebook.com/JSax7 JSax777@gmail.com J Sax
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i listened J Sax

and the first thing i can say is you sounded like to many other niggas.it was like your voice sounded like lil wayne, then it sounded like drake then oj the juice even lil b. you wordplay also matched those names with the vocals at the same time. first i think you should use beats that dont get radio play. if you do dig in the computer and go back a couple years, then reinvent your flow. thats as far from a negative comment i can give you. keep working hard tho it will payoff if u do. *Fuck Your Comments*
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hey thanks

Thanks For the Critisim bro !! real talk, uhh...I dont like it, but i have heard that i sound like others sometimes, drake wayne, tyga, NEVER OJ OR LIL B...lil B sucks ass to me...but naw i dont intend to but thats just how i rap...and i mean i also dont sound the same on every song..it just depends on the beat and how im feelin, and i also dont want everyone to feel like their hearing the same shit from me...like songs sounding like the last one. and as far as the beats go....i dont use too many beats that get radio play..like real talk, have u listened to my mixtape ? but thanks bro real talk J Sax
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oh nah

i dont mean you sound the same every song, i mean the way you rap over the beat sounds like you make ur voice sound like those artist. but hey you say its not intentional so ill go with that. its not wack rhymes just needs more practice and perfection.*Fuck Your Comments*


Yo shit so weak, I don't know why you got all them songs posted at one time but you need to get'cha swag right. You got like 20 songs on your playlist and no live performances, LMFAO. Who the FUCK ARE YOU!? Kill yo'self! " soundclick.com/jameswhiteispitpimpin ...BIAATCH!

Check Me out As Well, made some songs for fun

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmk7Dk22sEE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHao2U-jU6M&feature=related Tell me what you guys think honestly
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T - Lame

This Guy is a Auto-KOON!!!!

shut the Fuck up wit dat

shut the Fuck up wit dat racist talk pussy...
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He's using that Drake/Nikki/Wayne flow. Its so annoying. "I need to turn my headphones up... VOLUME." lol. Wack. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~


Shit is gay. Long live the real shit. Jus thought I'd drop in too shit on this niggas project. Holla. " soundclick.com/jameswhiteispitpimpin ...BIAATCH! "
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good 8/10

i listen to this mixtape t-pain did his thing..i could see some of the songs getting rotation on radio..ahwoh..