Problem - Deal or No Deal (Comptons Next From The West)


1. Deal or No Deal (Intro)
2. The Introduction
3. Corner Boys
4. Takin Shots (Feat. Marliek)
5. Doin My Thang
6. Iz U Crazy
7. I Will Be King
8. Ballin Remix (Feat. Jim Jones, Ti & Young Dro)
9. U Got A Problem
10. Fuk U (Prod. By Tha Bizness aka Dow Jones & J Hen)
11. Its Nuthin
12. Gun U Down (Prod. By Dubb Knox)
13. Why U Tryin ft. Kris Ivory (Prod. By Tha Bizness)
14. The Future Is Now
15. Just The Begining
16. Im What U Not
17. Watch Me (Feat. Marliek) (Prod. By Problem)
18. What It Is (Prod. By Problem)
19. Listen
20. Im Ready
21. Gimmie That Light
22. L.A. Shit
23. Messege From Derange Ent.
24. Certified West Coast
25. Tell Me What U See (Feat. Marliek)
26. Remember Me?
27. Fool Ya (Prod. By Tha Bizness)
28. What I Gotta Do
29. I Got This
30. Deal or No Deal (Outro)

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WHOO HAHHHH this is tight.


this is tight. nice to see the west coast coming up with the goods after all the material out of Ny & the dirty south.

Ton da Don- heavy.this is a

Ton da Don- heavy.this is a big mix, man got skillz

whenever i click the link to

whenever i click the link to get this it has open error message and i cant download. im new to this, any help would be great. cheers