J-Green - Da Caper


1. (00:01:54) J-Green - Intro
2. (00:03:33) J-Green - One In The Chamber (Feat. DJ Fire)
3. (00:03:16) J-Green - Like A Psychopathic Lunatic (Feat. B-Dub)
4. (00:03:52) J-Green - You's A Fool Mane
5. (00:04:04) J-Green - Yes Sur
6. (00:02:39) J-Green - 5, 6, Crucifix (Feat. Slikk)
7. (00:03:21) J-Green - Triggamane
8. (00:01:20) J-Green - The Scheme
9. (00:02:39) J-Green - Got Away Clean
10. (00:02:23) J-Green - Ridin' Through The Hood (Feat. Slikk)
11. (00:02:20) J-Green - Pop Ya Collar (J-Green Mix) (Feat. T-Rock)
12. (00:01:47) J-Green - Funkyride (Dedication)
13. (00:04:23) J-Green - Slow Motion (Feat. Slikk, C-Mob & Seldom C)
14. (00:02:46) J-Green - Pounds Of That Weed (Feat. Slikk)
15. (00:04:40) J-Green - You Ain't Fucked Up About It (Feat. BzB & Miss Keke)
16. (00:02:16) J-Green - Hustlin' (Feat. Lil Money)
17. (00:03:40) J-Green - Mutant Mindframe (Feat. B-Dub)
18. (00:04:22) J-Green - Da Boss (Feat. Trigg Mafia)
19. (00:03:25) J-Green - Get A Lil Smoke
20. (00:02:19) J-Green - Outro

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Cop This For Halloween

If you like the old school Three6Mafia download! It's that Erie type of music often played during Halloween, this rapper kind of reminds the listener of Lord Infamous! So listen with caution and limit the amount of time you spend listenin to this. Cuz though this mixtape is raw, it still has the capability to posses ur soul! But this mixtape is not as Demonic as Valtiel's, I had to uncheck his whole mixtape because I started feeling a lil paranoid. haha Lets not forget Lucifer used to be God Almighty's favorite musician! haha Now he's the worlds favorite!
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hell ya some j-green, dis

hell ya some j-green, dis for ya ni66as who listen to tat dark soundin shit, dis be goin hard na mean. cope dis shit and get to iapstore.com and cope some more of dudes shit. look up rock solid royal family to, if u like t-rock, slikk, pimp deezy, yung hazardous and others, shit goin hard, des independent ni66as gettin paid and makin dem fire ass tracks. good lookin to whoeva posted this. 7.4. C.O.V. G'S UP M.O.E.
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Shit FIRE!

There's a couple good azz trackz on here
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J-green is tha shit

Thats what am talking about. J-green is on tha screen. He is the only alternate to three 6 back in 1996-2005. Fuck three 6!


Shit is hot. A lot of good ideas make the beats fresh. But 3-6 had their good hit too.
East Oakland's picture

East Oakland

DiS MiGHT BE SUM BULLSHyT...... yeah?? will imma d/l dis then... i fucks with dark music... imma come back and let yall now if this shit is NICE or NOT
East Oakland's picture

East Oakland

DiS MiGHT BE SUM BULLSHyT...... This shyt kool a good 6 out of 10... One In The Chamber/ Like A Psychopathic Lunatic/ 5, 6, Crucifix / Ridin' Through The Hood / Slow Motion / Hustlin / Da Boss... are the best tracks to me
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This is my shit right here!!! I love this shit!! I appreciated.
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If yall like this go check

If yall like this go check out j-green The First 48 mixtape. I just googled it and im listenin to it right now, it's hot too
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East Oakland... Got It!!!

DiS SUM BULLSHyT...... Got this one and the other one
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Codine Dreams 1 & 2 are good

Codeine Dreams 1 & 2 are good also, check out them 2 J-Green albums
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The first 48

Thanks to RSS for this dope one. The first 48 is great too and my favourite song out there is Geed'k up. I got that pour it up vol 2 & still on clean and these shit are hard as fuck. I got new B-dub produced by j-green too. There is another valtiel mixtape available too. I bang these great CDs here in Nigeria
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good ole' days....

growth & development... This remind me of the good days in mem ten bumbing them tapes with the white sticker on it I like that triggaman that memphis underground go hard need some spanish fly on here tho....nice tape tho!