DJ Hickory - How To Blend Vol. 1 (G-Unit Edition)


01 - G-UNIT - Intro To Ballin.mp3
02 - 50 Cent Young Buck Prodigy - Kickin Back In The Hood (REMIX).mp3
03 - Mobb Deep feat Tony Yayo 50 Cent Young Buck Spider Loc Lloyd Banks - Stick U (REMIX).mp3
04 - Eddie Murphy 50 Cent feat Lloyd Banks MOBB DEEP - G-Unit Soldier.mp3
05 - 50 Cent Mobb Deep - Imagination.mp3
06 - Lloyd Banks Eminem 50 Cent - Driving Slow.mp3
07 - Lloyd Banks Young Buck Kool G Rap Prodigy - The Unit Going For a Ride.mp3
08 - Mobb Deep 50 Cent - Rolling Thru The Hood(REMIX).mp3
09 - Lloyd Banks Young Buck 50 Cent - The Unit Blues.mp3
10 - Prodigy 50 Cent Kool G Rap - Gotta Mirc Em'.mp3
11 - 50 Cent Eminem Young Buck Lloyd Banks - On The Flute.mp3
12 - Lloyd Banks 50 Cent Prodigy - Mary Jane (REMIX).mp3
13 - Eddie Murphy Havoc Tony Yayo Young Buck - G-unit Thugz.mp3
14 - 50 Cent Young Buck Tony Yayo - Loved Ones.mp3
15 - 50 Cent Young Buck Tony Yayo - Layin It Down.mp3
16 - Tony Yayo feat Young Buck & 50 Cent - Live By The Gun (REMIX).mp3
17 - M.O.P. Feat 50 Cent Tony Yayo - Here Today Gone Tamorow (REMIX).mp3
18 - Young Buck Tony Yayo Lloyd Banks - Bounce Back And Countin Stacks .mp3
19 - Eminem 50 Cent Kool G Rap - Lay Low.mp3
20 - Mobb Deep feat Lloyd Banks - The Unit Showing Discipline(REMIX).mp3
21 - Eddie Murphy Kool G Rap Mobb Deep 50 Cent Young Buck - Just A Touch Of Murda uzik (REMIX).mp3
22 - 50 Cent Eminem Young Buck - Cold Young Thugs.mp3
23 - 50 Cent Lloyd Banks Young Buck - Hoes Be Cry'ing.mp3
24 - Lloyd Banks feat 50 Cent Tony Yayo - Gettin Dem Guns (REMIX).mp3
25 - 50 Cent Eminem Mobb Deep - Hustlers In The Place.mp3
26 - 50 Cent Stevie Wonder Young buck - Let Me Back In The Storm (REMIX).mp3
27 - 50 Cent Prodigy Eminem - Hate My Life.mp3
28 - Tony Yayo Busta Rymes Young Buck - Pimp Dem Hoes.mp3
29 - Eddie Murphy Lil Scrappy Eminem Young Buck - I Got Big Balls.mp3
30 - Tony Yayo feat Young Buck & 50 Cent - G-Unit's Runnin At Em' (REMIX) OUTRO.mp3

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What is this ? all new ?

// smo



this shit sucks

can you say really really off beat blends this shit shouod be called how not to make a blends cd

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I'm sorry mfizzel, this is fuckin trash i have made better blends bored as fuck in my basement on my computer this person should be beaten for butchering some of the songs i used to listen to on this 'how to blend with no flow or consistence'. Ever heard of adjusting variations to make it fit?


just to let ya know, I am bored as fuck in my basement after workin a 12 hour day
in Construction and puting in 1 hour a day, of tha past week to make to this mixtape that i just threw togtether, for one thing I'm tired of all the bullshit that everyone else is puting out, example, REMIXING 3 SONGS AND ADDING SOME BEST HITS + some SHITTY INTROS WITH GUNSHOTS, and releasing a tape every 3 days of real trash and tring to make a name for them self. just wanted to see if anyone is on the same level as I'm on LOL GET AT ME

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Dog, don't even listen to

Dog, don't even listen to him.. i mean he thinks he can do it better, well, let's wait for him to make something..HATERS!
I mean, are you a pro hickory? you just said u work 12 hours/day.. that means this shit is a freetime thing, and not too bad..
keep up the work..

...:::I know you could feel the magic baby.. it's what you expected ain't it..:::...


if you just threw it together, how bout calling it "crap i threw together vol 1" instead of how to blend.

yah dude u gotta work on

yah dude u gotta work on your accapellas gettin them on beat its not that u dont have good ideas its just every one of the songs are way off beat

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well at least give it some

well at least give it some fucking work instead of throwing it together i agree with you completely most of the shit that comes out these days is garbage nothing new and good has come out in a while i find myself listenin to fuckin johnny cash just sayin if you take the time to throw it together at least take the time to adjust your speeds and sync it together properly

what u saying sorry mfizzel

what u saying sorry mfizzel for? I didnt make the tape

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Fuck G-Unit sucks

fuck g-unit sucks, if u lisen to this shit u probly sum lil 12 year old kid who dont kno shit

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Pretty poor tape

this is a really poor blends tape- when i first got it, i tot it would be good cause it was g-unit. didn't turn out that way...........

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ok my dude...

tell me 1 group better than G- Unit and why. (Outkast are in a league of their own)

G-G-G-G You know what it is nigga!!

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ok my dude...

tell me 1 group better than G- Unit and why. (Outkast are in a league of their own)

G-G-G-G You know what it is nigga!!

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apparently everything these

apparently everything these days relates to fuck someone oh yea im a 12 year old what are you? a 16 year old white gamer?



eddie murphy?

not udnerstanding why hes on the cover

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its because this shit is a comedy!

Nahnah man, im just playing. I respect your effort in trying Hickory, keep it up!

What kind of program you using? I would suggest fruity loops cause its mad easy to get proper timing on the acapellas. It really aint no thing. Keep on practizing...

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g-unit instrumentals

yo djhickory what about releasing a tape of g-unit instrumentals for promo use aye? that kinda thing is rare and itd be awesome if it was done well?

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wack cova

Man realy besides the blends, the Cova is wack as fuck!
I mean demn I' sure the nigga that did it, didnt spend more than 20 minutes to compose that bullshit!