Jay Alien - Stars


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01.Watch A Nigga Go Hard - Jay Alien
02.Stars Intro - Jay Alien
03.Run Tell That - Jay Alien
04.Ilove Hip Hop - Jay Alien (With Eryka Badu Sample)
05.When It Rains It Pours - Jay Alien
06.Fidel Castro - Jay Alien
07.Niggas In Paris Freestyle - Jay Alien
08. Go Go Go - Jay Alien Ft. K Stizzy
09.Skinny Niggas - Jay Alien
10.David Vs. Goliath - Jay Alien
11.Sleeping On Me - Jay Alien
12.I Have The Power - Jay Alien
13.Stars - Jay Alien
14.Harry Potter - Jay Alien
15.Otis Freestyle - Jay Alien
16 Cheers (Lets Drink To That) Remix - Rhianna Ft Jay Alien
17.Amy Winehouse - Jay Alien
18.I Don't Give A Fuck
19.The Break Up - Jay Alien (Prod. By Steakbeats)
20.She Will Freestyle - Jay Alien
21.Revelation - Jay Alien
22.Final Destination - Jay Alien

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i like it, from jump shit go

i like it, from jump shit go hard

Well done

Good Job kid, just finishing listening the entire mixtape, pretty good. That track Fidel Castro go dum hard.

Punk azz noob

Giving himself props LOL !!
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LMAO!!! Caught em

LOL You caught this nigga Jackin his own dick lmao!
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what you talking about

i'm now commenting on my own shit, and yea i ride my own shit, cuz i think my shit is hot. So get off that topic and if you did download it, thank you for the love. #teamyoungstud follow me on twitter @jayaofficial www.jayalienmusic.info
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"You caught this nigga Jackin his own dick"... Twink boy...

I bet he follows himself on Twitter. Anyone can get their shit uploaded on this site for bread, but that doesnt mean that it should be. Go back to Soundclick and ReverbNation. You aint ready for the pros yet twink boy...

Str8 pulled that niggas

Str8 pulled that niggas skirt up,hahahaha
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Had 2 rip that fag. His music is wack...

Str8 pulled that niggas skirt up,hahahaha
LOL! Yo DIRTYDADECOUNY305, you hit up any cool forums or shit like that? You on Twitter?

nah i jus fuck wit this site

nah i jus fuck wit this site n listen to em' on datpiff b4 i get on here,never fucked wit twitter i got a buddy of mine from Orlando named Misery on the come up wit his S.O.L. click you can check it out on datpiff if you want http://www.datpiff.com/Misery-Misery-Loves-Company-mixtape.271027.html ,im not going to comment on it cause it's my dogg's shit an you know how some of these bitchass niggas act also go on piratebay an look up NOFS they usually got all the new official shit an blend some pretty dope mixes them selves, i got a channel on youtube wit the same name as here i jus try to only look for uncut music


What kinda phag azz nigga haz a twitter account?? Gtfoh with dat gay shit!
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Lots of people are on Twitter..U still on MySpace?

Lots of people are on Twitter.U still on MySpace? Check it out before you write it off.

My space??

5yrs ago. I have a FB acc and im barely on it. Im too busy on my real life postin comments here frm my iphone while lookin for new music. Why would i wanna follow ppl on twittr like im someones pet??


I jus submitted my shit to mfizzle a week ago. Where the fuck is it? I ain't payin no money to have my shit posted on this bullshit site. This shit is fuckin garbage, dude can't even speak english. You know what, fuck the rap game. I'mma start listenin to rock-n-roll. soundclick.com/whitelabelproductions ...@young_pimpin ...muthafucka
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Youz a jiffy lube nigga

What is this wal-mart nigga sh!t?....Hit me up! http://www.youtube.com/user/Huffdaddy0808?feature=mhee