Kendrick Lamar - O(verly) D(edicated)


01 The Heart Pt.2 Ft Dash Snow
02 Growing Apart {To Get Closer} Ft Jhene Aiko
03 Night Of The Living Junkies
04 P&P 1.5 Ft Ab-Soul
05 Alien Girl {Today W_ Her} 2
06 Opposites Attract {Tomorrow W_O Her} Ft Javonte
07 Michael Jordan Ft Schoolboy Q
08 Ignorance Is Bliss
09 R.O.T.C {Interlude} Ft Bj The Chicago Kid
10 Barbed Wire Ft Ash Riser
11 Average Joe
12 H.O.C
13 Cut You Off {To Grow Closer}
14 Heaven & Hell Ft Alori Joh
15 She Needs Me {Rmx} Ft Dom Kennedy & Murs _Bonus
16 I Do This {Rmx} Ft U.N.I Skeme, Brown (Of Sore Losers) _Bonus

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It sucks that this is gonna

It sucks that this is gonna go largely unheard. Kendrick does his thing on this one, but it's gonna get washed away by 300 new trap rap tapes and 80 new Gucci/Flocka/Wayne tapes.
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You guys peaked my interest...

Ill check it...
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Glad I checked it out...

This dudes got talent. Ima watch out for his shit...

You don't have to agree with

You don't have to agree with me, But I know you feel me..... What it is yall, I been on this site leechin music for years now, never registered to comment but always read through the comments to see everybody elses opinons on things, Im not going to get into how much I know about rap and argue over trap rap compared to the more lyrical side of the rap game an all that because truthfully I love it all, Being lyrically inclined aint just an east coast thing anymore, Its all around out there now, Its obvious niggas that are getting on with music right now are on that pop shit,an they all around, but all bullshit aside, lol, This kid is fire, The last mixtape caught me off guard and I listen to everything people, You cant tell me for his age, which is early twenty's that this kid aint coming from a depth of music these shallow niggas cant dive too, Im sorry but ima say it like this, Out Kast needs to sign this nigga, str8t up, It just confuses me when people talk about Freddie Gibbs, Drake,Wale, J. Cole, Kid Cudi,Pill and I Dont hear Kendrick Lamar, KEEP IT UP MY NIGGA, WE BANGIN THIS UP NORTH IN SOUTH WEST ONTARIO,CANADA WHERE AMERICAN HIPHOP HAS INFLUENCED AND IMPACTED THE COUNTRY EVEN MORE THAN TORONTO, OR VANCOUVER CITY, WE SHOW THEM NIGGAS HOW TO DO IT, my opinion on this shit means more than a thousand whack niggas sayin somethin up this way......
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this shit dope, definitely

this shit dope, definitely worth the download. solid production and quality.
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Most under-rated rapper

On every hip-hop site all people feeling this, vibin this.. with 165 comments on 2dope. check out below. i definitely gotta buy it now!!!!!! rubeboy said this on September 23rd, 2010 at 4:17 am Yea by all means, for those that are just now listening to it for the 1st time, go back and buy a copy and support this man Heeeeeere's Jonnie said this on September 23rd, 2010 at 4:18 am this dude is a fuckin genius!!!!! im bout to cop 3 of itunes… i support real music.happy he put out the full version! jazmine said this on September 23rd, 2010 at 4:21 am [Peace]