Popz N Nick B & Jay Breeziano - Co*aine Flow


1. Mr cocaine flow
2. I rep the dirty south ft cash
3. Aint i potent
4. Dollar signs
5. Professional ft showtime
6. Strength in me
7. Dreamin ft dangles
8. Hater skit
9. My life is 2 crazy ft dangles
10. Smoke wit me ft v.i.c.k. , dangles
11. Masked up
12. Xtacy ft boss
13. Attention
14. Senorita ft dangles
15. Reminiscing ft dangles
16. Change gon come ft dangles
17. World is mine ft dangles

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grow the fuck up! you had to

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ive been coming to this site for awhile now and ive noticed that all anybody wants to do is argue this is a website for downloading mixtapes and commenting on the tape not starting pointless arguments over the internet.its probaly just some 14 year old kids though,now somebody is gonna try and clown me for saying that but you guys are just wasting your time sitting at a computer trying to make fun of someone go out and play basketball or get sum pussy or somthin

Where dis dude from

i just heard the tape....dude is ill but he reppin the south sounding like a eastcoast nigga .Im confused. Its a fire mixtape..i just dont like the female songs. Leave that for the commercial albums. Im no hater. Just stating my point of view.

Strengh In Me is Official

I suggest anybody listening to this listen to number 6. Homie go in. I had to write a second comment.
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anybody wanna hear some real shit? type in search "welcome to trap street" and D/L it, ArAb, listen to track #6 and if it dont make you feel some type of way then you just A PUSSY ASS NIGGA, thats the realest thing you will ever hear out me, go do it!
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Peep This Shit

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This my first post on here and I would like to thank that nigga JayJay for keepin it entertainin for a nigga to even come on here, PAUSE. Im in Iraq so I cant download the mixtapes cuz the bum ass internet boots me for 20 mins, but I like seein this nigga JayJay mash on some niggas on here. Not all niggas just some. Nigga do spit some real shit and he spit some dumb shit but its just human nature. That nigga jus like WAYNE and he dont even know it. That nigga misunderstood like a mutha fucka. Funny ass nigga though. Do me a favor though my nigga, dont mash on Charlotte like that my nigga, thats where Im from. QC all day. Go there every couple months. Different spots just got different definitions of hardbody spots. Like I guanrantee if u was in Hidden Valley, The Ford, Tuck, West Boulevard, just to name a few, that soft shit wouldnt fly niggas head bussas down there down sleep. Just like if I went to NJ its some cake ass spots and some hard body spots. Same shit in every neighborhood just different names. Keep that shit entertainin JayJay. I fucks wit u, PAUSE.
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good lookin my dude, thanks for not hatin like the rest of these corn ball niggas on here, i mean da truth is if ya not feelin me you must not got hands haha, i know i say some dumb shit sometimes, depends on da mood im in ya know. Its all good tho these lil niggas keep me occupied lol, and im glad to hear i keep ya ass occupied too haha, as long as the hates coming you will see da comedy comin from me! I try to mash every nigga that get outta line but its gettin harder (no homo), got like 55 niggas comin at me DAILY lol. You see what it is that these lil fuck boys do is DICK RIDE each other, its like one nigga says something to me and they all just hop on da fuck JayJay bus lol, you feel me? Like aint nobody original on here, niggas just say what the last dude said, if one mothafucka dont like me den they all hate on me, i mean come on already, see you's a real nigga, you stood up and spoke what you think, and thats that you feelin what im doin, its easy to dick ride, it takes a man to stand up and say some other shit, respect! Its like Lil Wayne, do you really think EVERYBODY on here dont like Lil Wayne? Niggas just say they dont like him because that what EVERYBODY else is sayin, next time someone on here says "fuck lil wayne" ask them why... they would be stuck on stupid! Then ask them niggas the same thing, why they hate me? stuck on stupidier then haha! fuckin fagoot ass dick jumpers! Anyway my mans was ova there in Irag TWICE, i know how dat shit is, not good... he's in the Army stationed in Fort Carson CO, i hear the stoties all the time, stay up my nigga and keep ya head on! I got MAD RESPECT for da troops out there, takes alot of heart to do that shit,ya'll dont get the respect ya'll deserve, for real, i really appreciate niggas like you, keep it 100 my dude! And my bad bout the disrespectful comment bout N.C., im just speakin on my experience out there, i feel ya on what you said tho, there is soft shit and hard shit no matter where you go. But yo my dude that sucks you cant D/L shit on ya computer, i mean you cant D/L at all or it just takes long? Anyway i used to send my homie shit when he was out there DVD's/Mixtapes, all the people in his unit loved my ass lol, niggas like "yo tell your boy ship some more shit out" haha, on some real shit my nigga you need something you let me know, i got you, real talk! u can hit me at JayJayGemini@Yahoo.Com leave your mailing addy and i can D/L some of these mixtapes for you or send you out some fire DVD's my man, just lemme know somethin, i gots you tho! Im a cool mothafucka my dude, like i said i know how it is out there and if i can look you out wit somethin i will, ok im out, stay safe my nigga for real!!! WEIR --------------------------------------------------------------------------- You Haters Got No Bread.... No Cheese.... Ketchup, You Burger Ass Niggas!$!

Just terrible cover art, oh

Just terrible cover art, oh man