Jay Rock - Gudda Muzik (Hosted By DJ Kay Slay & DJ Noodles)

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01 Gudda Muzik
02 I Be On The Block
03 Follow Me Home (Cali Soul)
04 Hottest In The Hood
05 Gangsta Shit
06 Make The Trap
07 Hwo To Rob 2009
08 I Get It In
09 Beat A Rapper Down
10 Can't U Tell (Remix)
11 Put On
12 Real Recognize Real
13 Freestyle
14 Wassup Hah
15 Magnificent
16 Rock The House
17 Bang Bang
18 112 Bars
19 All My Life (West Coast Remix)

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jay rock bringin the fire.

jay rock bringin the fire. definetly d/l this one
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one of the guys i look out

one of the guys i look out for on the west def a dl

shit is fire!!!!!!!

shit is fire!!!!!!!

I been hearing this dude and

I been hearing this dude and he's alright. he bumps but the dude sound exactly like xhibit. like he wants to move into dudes house and be him, steal his flow

Jay Rock's style is boring

Jay Rock's style is boring to say the least, he'll go as fast as he came. Still DL'in the tape though, he's finding tracks pretty well as of late.
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I was glad when..

I was glad when the last track was finally over, dude has a boring, (GENERIC) Flow.. almost cant bare it.. Beats are "meh".. He aiight though if you can get past the cheesy style flow he got.


what you know bout Jay Rock bitch! i dont know where you from but by the looks of your picture (if that is really you?) you look like one of them dirty south monkeys. or even if you from the east coast i dont give a fuck Jay Rock go harder and his realer then both sides!! boring? the east is boring!! ya been having the same ol'rappers since the early 90's!! ya niggaz still bump NAS!!! ya a fucking joke!!! and the south with all that club muzik. man fuck a monkey! and get a life homey. everytime i come in this site your azz iz in here. get out and get you a girlfriend you FAGGOT!!


Supa Loc'd Out Blood

WTF, Jay rock focking nice

WTF, Jay rock focking nice boi, its not boring. if you dont like this, listen to ne-yo.. Sshiitt

Really good mixtape. If you

Really good mixtape. If you never heard his material before or are a fan of his, I strongly recommend it. He goes IN on the first track.
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My Nigga

Anyone who fucks wit Jay Rock gets a free pass into the promise land. W.W.I.D.