Jay-Z & 50 Cent - The Fight For NY


1. Jay-Z - What We Talking About
2. 50 Cent - Death To My Enemies
3. Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beats - On To The Next One
4. 50 Cent - So Disrespectful
5. Jay-Z feat. Nas - Success
6. 50 Cent - Stretch
7. Jay-Z - Lyrical Exercise
8. 50 Cent - Maybe He Crazy
9. Jay-Z - Reminder
10. 50 Cent - Strong Enough
11. Jay-Z - Blue Magic
12. 50 Cent - Pardon Me
13. Jay-Z - Roc Boys
14. 50 Cent - Crime Wave
15. Jay-Z - American Gangster
16. 50 Cent feat. Beanie Sigel - I Go Off
17. Jay-Z - Go Hard
18. 50 Cent - I'm Not Rich, I'm Still Lying
19. Jay-Z - American Dreamin'
20. 50 Cent - I'm A Rider

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all old.. this mix is

all old.. this mix is horrible.. but some of the fifty tracks r a nicve flashbacc.. Cali 909 All Day
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The East Coast is

The East Coast is horrible!!! LOL!! Dont blame the dj, blame the artist(Why you get offended with ya defensive ass?)
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growth & development...fuck jay z lil devil ass and fuck 50 flop ass they they past due to get they wack ass out the game suckas! {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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i gotta agree, jay-z is

i gotta agree, jay-z is fucking gay nowadays and cant spit for shit. 50 never could spit, but what little talent he had left he lost bout atleast 4 years ago
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fuck both of these niggas
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i used 2 fuck wit both dese

i used 2 fuck wit both dese niggas but i lost all respect 4 jay 4 workin wit the illuminati and 50 cuz i cant take da nigga seriously no more fuck em both and i know somebody aint say east coast music wack nigga u wack if u still think that east coast west coast cool. theres wack shit from every side and a lil strait shit from every side

Damn Death to the old

Damn Death to the old Rappers real talk !!!! this is old shit!!!! if you got the 3 main songs no need to D/L Hey I know most of you on this site know Hip Hop so if you have a sec peep this and let me know what you think they old work but if i see people like it I'm going to put up a mixtape with my new shit!!!!!! Good Looks http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=220848&content=music


Fuck GayZ mane. I used to like dude but that dude is in the fuckin illuminati just like a lot other rappers. U can tell in the DJ31degreez rocafella season pt1 mixtape In THis Cd cover where jayz throwin the roc his arms form a pyramid anfd his hands with the light shining thru r supose to b the all seeing eye. Where it says season between his arms it says son. that is refering to the evil sun god. He isnt the only one kanye lady gaga rocafella n more. illuminati killed michael jackson his doctor was a freemason. DOnt let them take your mind over. FUCK ILLUMINATI >>> Fuck Masons.. IN the grey album on one song if u play backward it say murda murda jesus n kill catholics. Thats just some of the stuff. Thats how he has so many deals n money becuase the illuminati put subliminal shit in his videos songs n more. KILLUMINATI


THE ONLY REAL SHIT IS ZRO LIL b for lil boss ABN SUC TRAE NAS PAC BIG IMORTAL TECHNIQUE TECH N9NE Brotha lynch gangsta pat DRE DJSCREW CHAMILLIONAIRE . THats only some no dis to real peeps i missed. IM JUS Sayin watch out for that mutha fuckin subliminal shit in media govt food everywhere . FUCK THE FAKE GOVT. OBAMA i believe is mason too even tho i wanted him as pres. I guess he was elected as pres cuz he is a mason too N in his speech when he say yes we can if u reverse it it say thank you satan. U can find it on youtube. SHIT IS CRAZY THESE DAYS HOMIE THATS Y I WANN THE WORD TO SPREAD ALONG WITH OHTER KILLUMINATI SUPPORTERS TO STOP THIS BULLSHIT SYSTEM THAT WANTS TO FUCK EVERYONE OVER EXCEPT THE ELITE. >>> Fuck Masons..