Jay-Z vs. Nas - Who Won This Classic Battle?

29% (1804 votes)
71% (4348 votes)
Total votes: 6152

Peep your comments, tell us

Peep your comments, tell us what you think!

Tough one

Can they both win? Because in my opinion they're equal if anything; It's hard to tell because noone ended up looking like 50 Cent. For the record I voted Nas because his rap's still make sense (god only knows what Jay set out to achive on Kanye's Diamonds remix :) Both excellent MC's/soon-to-be Rap legends if they can hold it for a few more years.
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yeh. i vote nas cos jay-z

yeh. i vote nas cos jay-z got ether-ed. They both legends in the game tho.

Nas is illmatic, but yo

Nas is illmatic, but yo listen close to Takeover, thats the end of the show.

Word, nas took jay with

Word, nas took jay with ether hard my man, can't deny jay's done well for himself, but it comes down to hit the hardest and that was by far, hands down, with no doubt....nas


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Beauty is skin deep , but ugly is to the bone.

jigga won both r nice but

jigga won both r nice but if had to choose jigga over nas 2 lines killed him me and a.i got more in common get it more in carmen talking about nas babys momma and the line he put out a hot ablum every 10 years before nas sign w jigga i thought his career was over since stilllmatic bc good son was not hot like 2or 3 was if u had to put nas ablum next to jay i would say jay had more hot ablums but nas still nice with them at def jam nas ablum will prop be fire

jigga won but both r nice

jigga won but both r nice but i have to choose jigga over nas bc 2 lines killed him , me and a.i got more in common then ballin and rymin get it more in carmen talking about jay and ai both fucked nas babys momma and the line he put out a hot ablum every 10 years before nas sign w jigga i thought his career was over since stilllmatic bc good son was not hot like 2or 3 was if u had to put nas ablum next to jay i would say jay had more hot ablums but nas still nice with them at def jam nas ablum will prop be fire


damn! jay-z is the best, of em! but i don't like em both so good..

Yo at the end of the day, Nas got the Dub in that battle but...

Yo at the end of the day, Nas got the Dub in that battle but...
Like Hov said "...I will not lose/but even in defeat/is a valuable lesson learned/so it even's it up for me..."

I try to tell dudes all the time Nas is a poetic rapper and Jay is a lyrical/entertainer rapper. It's like compare Jordan and Shaq, both dominate the game but in different way. Same wit Pac and Big.

Now I even tho it may be a no brainer, I can understand comparing Biggie & Jigga, or Pac and Nas. Two artist in the same lyrical field.

P.S., The L.O.X., Busta, Kanye, Common, Method, Em, Luda, and those Field Mobb dude's are under-rated. Real Talk.

And I propose this question… and please think before answering:

Who’s better lyrically?
Kanye, Common, or Mos Def????

From Da London England . . Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie

Aliiiiiiiiiiiie // das a shower way of puttin it .. how nas is a poetic rapper and jay-z's a entertainer .. gully battle doe .. n dnt fink u can try a ting coz even doe im from london england ino my hip hop shit bless.

Jay wins

Jay won...Is everyone forgettin about supaUGLY omg end of show!!

there's a reason

There is a reason why nobody remembers Supa Ugly. It sucked. Jay even commented on the radio that it wasn't a reply to Ether that it was just a freestyle. Even Bleek went on the radio and said {It was a gloomy day, for real. When Flex played it, I ain’t going to lie, I admitted to myself and had to tell the big homey he got us, he got one up on us. That shit was cooked crack cocaine right there. Like it was no denying that record was hot as shit, it was a bunch of lies on that record, but it was still a hot record. One that is going down in history, you know what I mean. We were at Baseline Studios listening to the radio when we first heard it. Jay and everybody was saying this shit’s hot" If they can admit it why can't you?

NAS won obviously

Nas won. 1. Commercial and money success isn't correlative to being real and pure. At the end of it all it's about being real. Nas is the van gogh of rappers. Jay Z is just another businessman with money who just knows to diss. Anyone can do that. 2. Jay Z loves all Nas's style. Jay Z loved singing Dead presidents which is obviously Nas's pure classic track, and yes he did got nas's baby's momma, but that just goes to show that Jay Z loves Nas's style. And thing is, Jay Z may even want to look like Nas. 3. Jay Z has no substance. Nas is pure substance 4. Nas is real art. Jay Z is an immature art 5. Jay Z said to nas , "you're album is good ten year average" and i'm worth "300 million dollars" Nas said "My 1 album is so good that its good for ten years or even more while you have to release a lot of album" and "I feel sorry that you feel that you're only that worth, 300 million is nothing, i feel sorry you only value yourself that way" - that speaks real value. 6. Jay Z belongs to the popular crowd, the mobb mentality, while Nas belongs to the wise few with real value. 7. Jay Z simply got lucky. While Nas maintains integrity.

im feelin at u wrote ...u no

im feelin at u wrote ...u no wat hip hop is about for real at least someone is educated on what it means to be hip-hop

That niggia

NAS is that niggia he is one of the best in the game right now but he is not like he was nas can jump on song and kill it i no it you no it J just do shoes and shit nas got you by a mile A NAS DO THE DAM THING MAN
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nas is a prophet and jay is a bitter

nas is a prophet he teach and jay-z is bitterr motha fact he don't just bitte he takes everythin and change some like 2 vers and he call dat a wrap, wich brings me to tha conclussion that jay ain't no MC is a MC's bitter....

ether blew the fucking

ether blew the fucking doorag off jigga mans head peice (no homo) esco is one of the top 5 all time greats which include HALF-A-MILL, NAS, AZ, BIG, AND BIG L

u no ur mutha fuckin rappers

u no ur mutha fuckin rappers thats wat im talkin bout
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dollars make sense

The one thing that I have realized after all this time is that people want to see the man on top fall on his face. Jigga has dominated hip hop going on 10 years now...and all people can do is H-A-T-E. Hova won this battle hands down...Nas wanted to sling mud, and the God [not his son] brought the phucking Tsunami!!! Jigga is an ugly porch monkey...so what? what does looks have to do with rapping? He borrows lines from Biggie and other icons of hip hop...so? Isn't sampling a common thread in hip hop? The legend gave us all a Public Service Announcement on the 5 star classic The Black Album, and some didn't heed it....by the way that's 3 classic LP's in his career...most mc's can't get it done once...like the GANG said "Give the credit, where it is due"!! So let me refresh it for those that closed their eyes to reality, b'cuz life goes on whether you ready or not.... I done came through the block in everything that's fly I'm like, Che Guevara with bling on, I'm complex I never claimed to have wings on Nigga I get mine - by any means on whenever there's a drought Get your umbrellas out because, that's when I brainstorm You can blame Shawn, but I ain't invent the game I just rolled the dice, tryin to get some change And I do it twice, ain't no sense in me lyin as if, I am a different man And I could blame my environment but there ain't no reason why I be buyin expensive chains Hope you don't think users are the only abusers Niggaz, gettin high within the game If you do then, how would you explain? I'm ten years removed, still the vibe is in my veins I got a hustler spirit, nigga period Check out my hat yo, peep the way I wear it Check out my swag' yo, I walk like a ballplayer No matter where you go, you are what you are player And you can try to change but that's just the top layer Man, you was who you was 'fore you got here Only God can judge me, so I'm gone Either love me, or leave me alone....

U R an idiot.

Nothing that Jay ever made can touch Illmatic. By most people and critics it is considered the best album ever made. Reasonable Doubt never reaches the top 5. And the Black Album vs Ready to die or Only Built for Cuban Linx...? I don't think so.
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skeeted through your

skeeted through your jeep/left condoms on your baby seat ghost
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NAS won the BATTLE... But

NAS won the BATTLE... But Jay-Z won the WAR!!! No matter what... Jay fucked Nas's Baby Momz... For Real!!! and now he going to work for Jay... Shits Crazy B! -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"

Baby momz shit

Hova maybe boned his baby momz, but who cares(I dont).I listen 2 the records I dont care bout his money or hoes he knocked-and no fuckin way that Jay won.He is a biter,listen 2 Hovas shit before illmatic-it sucks-fu schnickenz shit.Lame flow & all.Not to mention the lyrics-what is Hov rappin bout.Listen 2 what goes around, my country, rewind and the whole Streets Disciple. If you dont feel it you are dumb and narrow minded.Dats about it.1 VesTh3Pes
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I know you would care if

I know you would care if Nigga's was bonin' your baby momz!!! LOL!!! -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"

shut shut shut

Nas ain't working for Jay, they working together. Jones Experience and Def Jam biacch.
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No matter what yall say, jay-z lines in takeover and super ugly were the truth from his gun with large proffesor,to fuckin his baby momz, nas had good punch lines and jokes but his shit was all false, just like the cam diss!BETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ


H.O.V.A. ALL DAY ERY DAY MUTHA FUKAZ MARCY stand da fuk up come on now "YOU WUZ KISSIN MA DIK, WHEN U WAZ KISSEN DAT BITCH." dat linez a KILLA How can u come back to a line like dat when da shit iz all facts and not juss rapzz COME ON NOW, I GIV IT TO NAS, ETHER WUZ AIGHT BUT HOV TOOK DAT SHIT YA SMELL ME???? YA BETTA HOLLA AT YA BOY YA ALREDE KNO WUT IT IZ, WUT IT DOO JUST..... .....DONT WATCH ME, WATCH TV..... $100$

who won this classic battle

the question is "who won this classic battle", not who did more fucked up shit to the other person. "you was kissin my dick when you was kissin that bitch" is a nursery school rhyme. rhyming two cus words that dont even rhyme? how is that a killer line? ether lyrically murdered any dis track jay ever made and he continued to try to top it but couldn't. nas won the battle without a doubt as this poll shows. here is the bottom line: nas is better lyrically, nas was a mentor to most rappers that consider themselves lyrical but especially to jay-z; jay-z has the better delivery, jay-z is the better business man, and overall jay-z makes better music.

Jay-Z's garbage agianst Nas

Jay-Z is too mainstream thats why alot of yall Jay-Z fans probly like all the fags like DemFranchize and shit 50cent Gay-Unit. Nas is all about his music where every song he came out with is about his life. All this mainstream music is abunch of fags rappin bout shit anyone can, money, cars, hoes, you dont need talent to rap bout that shit. Look at Nas, hes poetic and he'll do damage to Jay-Z anyday.


TipStylez wrote:
Jay-Z is too mainstream thats why alot of yall Jay-Z fans probly like all the fags like DemFranchize and shit 50cent Gay-Unit. Nas is all about his music where every song he came out with is about his life. All this mainstream music is abunch of fags rappin bout shit anyone can, money, cars, hoes, you dont need talent to rap bout that shit. Look at Nas, hes poetic and he'll do damage to Jay-Z anyday.
Come on now man, people who like jay have a little more sense than to listen to dem franshise boys. And you wanna talk about songs about life and the streets, you obviously havent heard a jay-z albumn. He's got plenty of them: Ballad of a Fallen Soldier, Meet the Parents, those are just a few off the top of my head. "I dumb down for my audience And double my dollars They criticize me for it Yet they all yell "Holla" If skills sold Truth be told I'd probably be Lyricly Talib Kweli Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense (But i did five Mil) I ain't been rhymin like Common Sense When your sense got that much in common And you been hustlin since Your inception Fuck perception Go with what makes sense Since I know what i'm up against We as rappers must decide what's most impor-tant And i can't help the poor if i'm one of them So i got rich and gave back To me that's the win, win The next time you see the homie and his rims spin Just know my mind is workin just like them (The rims that is)" Shit...nuff said
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kkk truly ... NAS takes JAY ova dis.. NAS is btter lyrically then Jay and plus JAYZ a GRADE "A" BITTER... but styl wit out the bitting NAS is better

Jay fucked his baby momma

The songs didnt matter yes either was a great dis record but then on super ugly Jay said he fucked Nas' baby momma now Nas take orders from jay and he taking shots at Camron for jay Nas called Cam a snitch on BET
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Nas Won

Nas won this battle by a mile. Just listen to camrons swagger jacker track and you'll see that Gay-Z is a fucken swagger jacker.

And Jigga killed Cam right

And Jigga killed Cam right back on his Silent Assassin track. Camron is more of a biter than Jay is because Cam steals shit from modern rappers like Em and DMX. Jigga is giving nods to Hip Hops greats, and little nuggets for us old school hip hop fans. When I hear a line from Jay that I heard back in the day from P.E. I get excited and pull that disc out and start bumping it. That's not biting that's paying homage to the one's who came before.

Its Obvious

Nas Destroyed Jay-z thats it...I love Jay-z that nigga is ill dont get me wrong but Nas Murder Him in dat classic Battle no doubt on dat homie shitt..and look now Nas is signed with Def Jam now its a different move there gonna mix there flows togheter u kno its really gonna be New Classic...Etherically speakin you boy RobzVega 1.

Dont u ever think on

Dont u ever think on comparing the 2 cos shit's real on Nas and Jay-Z sucks Nas' dick everyday.

POUND for POUND JAY-Z is the best to ever come around here excl

I bet that Nas uses a thesarus to for big words.he is the fake rap version of TD JAKES!u say that he is lyrically inclined but he is not!U should listen to all his albums carefully u piece of shit.JUST because u dont undestand him doesnt mean that he is ill.That ether garbage hardly had any facts.u just saying he won coz they helped him cheat & people who cant think 4 themselves like u believe it
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u mean the best swagger jacker

name one hit singel that jay-z actually wrote withought jackin shit from anotha cat ,,, cause i just don't understand how the hell would u say that jay-z is better then the prophet cause if u listen to nas u'll actually learn someting in history or what eva is writtin about,, but jay' all i've heard was blah blah blab blah blah blah so all i gotta tell em is ok shut up Sticky fingaz is the new Blade catch him this somer on Spike TV bitches!!!!!
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swagger jacker???

damn, cam make one stupid little mix song and yall got a new catchphrase for hova. i mean shit, his fault for being a rap scholar. i guess you want someone that doesnt know his rap history to come in this bitch and rule? and since nas made that wack ass song firm biz, does that mean that he swagger jacked teena marie? i dont know about you, but i would rather take after b.i.g. and rakim and shit... and what did nas make one song about jay? i mean ether was the shit and everything, but jay went at his ass over and over, you know why nas didnt respond? because there aint really much to say after your business gets out there like jay put his out there. I say a B.I.G. verse i'm only biggin up my brother Biggin up my borough I'm big enough to do it I'm that therough


What is it that u learn from Nas that u havent learned from Rakim or read about before?If u say that JAYZ is all blah then son ask ur literature teacher for a refund b'coz u clearly cannot analyse poems that r above Shakespeare's level.BRIDGING COURSE TUT#1:Get all the black album lyrics on paper(u are not a good listener) and go over them MR SUPA SLOW LEARNER DUPA FART.hint #1:spot the numerous multiple entendres. ROC .STUDENTS OF THE GAME!!

i'm sry. but if anyone needs

i'm sry. but if anyone needs a go back to school, it's you and i would suggest starting from the beginning again. first off Shakespeares poem and plays are so complex that the true meanings are studied and debated by people who devote thier lives to it and shakespeare invented like half of the words used in the english language today, so i think it's pretty out of line to even compare Jay-Z to shakespeare and if you want to see true genius in rap try gettin all the lyrics to illmatic on paper, and you'll hopefully come back a little more educated.


well lets see, theres show me what you got, do u wanna ride, money aint a thang, 99 problems etc. And for songs that werent singles, but are great w/o stolen lines: Brooklyn's finest, takeover, 22 twos, 44 fours, public service announcement, Cant knock the hustle, D'evils, Can I live, Coming of age, Friend or foe '98, You must love me, If i should die, Streets is talkin, U dont know, Renegade, All i need, lyrical exercise, Hovi baby, The watcher 2, Diamond is forever, Guns n Roses, Blueprint 2, Nigga please, What more can i say, Lucifer, 30 somethin, Beach Chair, Minority Report, Dig a hole, Kingdom Come, Oh my God, The prelude(kingdom come). Thats just top of the head, without even having to listen to the songs.

Nas hands down

Ether has so many layers lyrically he blew Jay-Z away. Also, my friend works at Hot 97 and told me that when the callers voted on who won (Takeover vs. Ether) that NAS actually won, but because Hot 97 is down with Jay they announced him the winner.
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Nas Won.

Nas won fo sure. But look how much money Jay Z got out off Hip Hop Rap Music.

in my opinion, takeover is

in my opinion, takeover is barely a diss track compared to ether, nas murdered him on that lyrical shit


rockafella died of aids,that was the end of his chapta//and thas the nigga ya chose to name your company afta?//get it togetha i rock hoes ya roc fellaz..

nas won

sean carter to jay z DAMN U ON JAZ DICK

Look at it this way


think this was the greatest lyrical battle of the ages. Ether was an MC burying classic diss record. Ya'll don't realize though, that it takes only another of equal wit and composure to immediately respond with a joint like super ugly. Not everything said on Ether was accurate. Jay Z ,in the same token should have and was very well capable lyrically of packing more arsenal into super ugly. I guess when you are effortlessly on top and running a dynasty, you could give a rats ass about lyrical beef. If jigga was starvin like Nas at the time he would be forced to give better thought into a diss record. If you had a chance to reclaim your forgotten glory , would'nt you put extra thought into the shit you wrote. Jay didn't treat this like beef yo. He said it best"this is not beef , this is rap homie, I don't have a scratch on me." I'm just glad that two of my favorite minds in hip hop will collaberate and hopefully bring back glory to a game that now looks like a lame reality tv show featuring paris hilton.