DJ Teknikz Presents Jody Breeze - Welcome To The Future 2

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01 Jody Breeze Lights, Camera, Action
02 Jody Breeze Bananas [Prod. By Flawda Water]
03 Jody Breeze Dope [Prod. By Flawda Water]
04 Jody Breeze Big Shot (Feat. Gorilla Zoe & Reese)
05 Jody Breeze Start It Up
06 Jody Breeze Black & Yellow (Freestyle)
07 Jody Breeze Right Thru You (Feat. Jazquees)
08 Jody Breeze Deuces (Feat. Jacquees)
09 Jody Breeze I Do That Now (Feat. Jacquees)
10 Jody Breeze Leggo (Feat. Jacquees)
11 Jody Breeze Kiss My Ass
12 Jody Breeze On The Corner
13 Jody Breeze All Day (Feat. Boyz N Da Hood) [Prod. By Flawda Water]
14 Jody Breeze Take A Pic
15 Jody Breeze Amen [Prod. By Flawda Water]

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Pretty good mixtape by

Pretty good mixtape by Breeze well worth the DL. I wish he would finally drop an offical album.


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Been along time since I

Been along time since I heard fronm this nigga. His album never dropped and it was leaked though. I didnt really like it but thats just my opinion. Mixtapes have replaced albums on every level.

Well It's About Goddamn Time! Shit!


Well It's About Goddamn Time! Shit!


Some hot, some not, but thats jus Jody I guess

Jody still sounds good, but growth and development is critical now days. I think Jody should step up his lyrical content. I don't think muhfuckas care too much about how much dope you push anymore. If they do you might have a problem. To tell the truth you shouldn't even be talkin bout the block anymore, you should be off the block makin some real paper, because they're are newer and hungrier cats out and the trap days are coming too a close. This too me is just a sorry attempt to stay adrift in the game. " RACE CAR DRIVER IN MY OWN FUCKIN MIND "
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What The Fuck Happened Jody?

Jody is a good artist, but this feels a lil' bit too commercial. It seems like that soft shit coming from Atlanta is starting to rub onto him. Jody, or at least some of the producers, is mixing that underground style with that futuristic swag shit (which explains the title). This has some good songs on here (like the ones with Big Gee), but there are more songs (like the 3 featuring Jacqueer & the last song with the autotune) that are too fuckin' commercial. I thought he couldn't do worse than doing a song with Travis Porter, but he proved me wrong. Overall, this has something for everyone (mostly the women), but if you are hoping for a mixtape like his Best Kept Secret series, you'll be disappointed like me. If you want to hear something better this week, go get Tha Thug Show.
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This is ok but hey its jody breeze