DJ Skee - K-Dot: Training Day

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1. One Shot Kill 3:10
2. Blame God 3:18
3. Who Shot Ya (Freestyle) 2:49
4. Good Morning America 4:04
5. Blow Them Horns Feat. Punch 3:59
6. G'z And Hustlers Feat. Jay Rock 3:43
7. I Feel It (Freestyle) 2:46
8. Interview With DJ Dave Part 1 0:13
9. Imma G (Freestyle) 2:11
10. Inteview With DJ Dave Part 2 1:26
11. Man Of The Hour 3:01
12. Interview With DJ Dave Part 3 0:22
13. Never Die 3:34
14. Hpnotiq 1:41
15. J. Dilla (Freestyle) Feat. Punch & Jay Rock 4:00
16. Interview With DJ Dave Part 4 0:52
17. Get Throwed Feat. EmJae 3:12
18. Blood Sport (Freestyle) 4:04
19. Prototype Feat. Punch 5:08
20. Hard Body 3:59
21. Grammy Fam (Freestyle) 3:24
22. A Song 4 Buffy (Freestyle) 3:08
23. Interview With DJ Dave Part 5 1:20
24. Dreams Feat. Punch 4:55
25. The Best Rapper Alive 4:00
26. Imagine Feat. Jay Rock & Punch 4:03

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WELL WAKE THA FUK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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This muthafu**a can go!!!

this not even the real kdot

i'll show u the REAL k dot

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yeeea boy

this nigga gots skillz yo

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Is that dude spittin on that YouTube vid on that mixtape?Cause that bitch is nasty if not fuck that mixtape. haha

nah this nigga aint on that mixtape

he dont got no mixtapes out on mixtapetorrent unfortunately...if u diggin his style check up on reed dollaz,joey jihad,kaboom (this nigga fire), uhmm who else NH...go on youtube and check these niggas out...they all philly rappers

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o werd im in philly n i

o werd im in philly n i never heard of those cats what part u know?

k-dot PHILLY

layzboybc wrote:
o werd im in philly n i never heard of those cats what part u know?
k-dot is from south philly, dats my young boy
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go good or bad?

Bluemercury wrote:
This muthafu**a can go!!!

is that go in a good way or bad way let me know

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Fo Sow

The Real K Dot- Fo Show.....Im feelin the energy and the style.

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yee man that guy can flow something serious

r.i.p 4Bent! HEatline,

r.i.p 4Bent!
HEatline, TopDawg ENT, Bludivision

Straight outta kompton, It's K-DOT!

The mixtape is FIRE!

dddddamitt man this dude is

dddddamitt man this dude is the real deal

darealsteve-o yo who is dis

darealsteve-o yo who is dis dude. he look like fabolous. and why he rockin a freddy krugger sweater. dis shit better be hot

darealsteve-o man i just

darealsteve-o man i just listen 2 dis and dis shit is wack. who da hell put dis shit up on here
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Damm!! K-Dot crazy i need to download this man for real..
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shit's hot but...

he sounds like lil wayne on some tracks. it's all good tho, shit's definitely solid for an up & comer. i'm impressed. check my steez: