Kirby Tha Hottest - I Got White Friends EP


01 Kirby Tha Hottest - I Got White Friends (Dirty)
02 Kirby Tha Hottest - True Love - Dirty - Mix (Show)
03 Kirby Tha Hottest - Zone 6 Ft. Chuck, Getta, & Montana
04 Kirby Tha Hottest - Play That Gangsta Muzik Ft. Getta - Mix
05 Kirby Tha Hottest - All I Know Ft. Travis Porter (Final Mix)

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“I Got White Friends”- Kirby Tha Hottest The title and opening track to G. E. Entertainment upstart Kirby Tha Hottest’s I Got White Friends EP immediately introduces listeners to the clever mind of a promising lyricist. What may seem like a typical boast is actually a rallying cry to get money and network with anyone who can help make it happen regardless of race. The skillful, dizzying flows and hypnotic production courtesy of Marco B assist in making “White Friends” an unforgettable beginning. Elsewhere, “True Love” featuring Jim Lavigne allows Kirby the chance to smooth things out, showcasing a natural versatility and wide mass appeal. Riding shotgun on the EP is the Knock Out Posse, Kirby’s rowdy collective who shine alongside their compadre on the energy-filled, rep-yo-hood anthem “Zone 6” and the stadium sound, electric guitar-enhanced “Play That Gangsta Muzik”. Both of the aforementioned cuts feature stellar musical backdrops from G.E.’s in-house hitmaker Slim C. The sharp, concise set is rounded out by “All I Know”, an inspired collaboration featuring the most buzzed-about group in the city of Atlanta, Travis Porter. Over a sonic soundtrack, Kirby and co expound on their unrelenting resolve and desire to make a better life. It’s a fitting finale for a collection of songs that successfully lay the groundwork for future success. Equal parts cocky and humble, charming and street, I Got White Friends indicates that Kirby Tha Hottest will have a staggering amount of white friends in his bank account much sooner than later.
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If you like Oj juiceman and Travis Porter and bullshit like that then this is for you. If you want to hear someone say the words "white friends" 35 times on every song then d/l right now. If you have any kind of taste in music at all then d/l on an empty stomach cause this causes nausea in 9 out 10 cases
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nice try...

You obviously havent downloaded this... Kirby is nothing like OJ and TP. In Fact TP is actually rapping bout some real life shit on the song their on. Which is a big change for them as most of their music is about partying and having fun. And The only song saying White Friends is "I Got White Friends".

Agreed. The production on a

Agreed. The production on a few of these songs isn't really my style, but i gotta give props where they're due. Tha kid's got talent. And "I got white friends," is repeated in the hook of that song, mainly cuz it's the hook. I know. It's hard to understand how these things work sometimes.
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I wouldnt of commented if I

I wouldnt of commented if I didnt listen to it first, he sounds just like OJ trying to rap like Jeezy to me, but if I was 15 Im sure this would be hot

Hater #1

he sound nothing like oj first of all...he only sayin i got white friends in one song and its only in the hook...thats why its called a hook...and he even get lyrical unlike some rappers i hear today...i dislike people who just hate for no reason...and you one of them...
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Yea well I dislike fuckin

Yea well I dislike fuckin people that miss use the word hater and people that create an account just to tell someone there a hater just for not liking the same shit as they do. I have my own opinion and I cant stand any rapper or singer with a high pitched voice, that goes for Boosie, OJ and your lil buddy here. I tried this shit and deleted it and was laughin at you postin on your other account with that Amazon ass review. Your boys Travis Porter is one of the reasons that people like Susan Bole and Taylor Swift sold all the albums this year while hiphop had its worse numbers in years, and thats yalls steppin stone, yalls special guest apperance. Like I said I dont like this at all but it does sound like most the other bullshit thats comin out nowdays so Im sure ol Kirby here might get alil cash and maybe take you out for some good gin, champange and wine

Hater #1

so you mean to tell me not even the "True Love" FT. Jim Lavinge is a good song???
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No man Im sorry I dont like

No man Im sorry I dont like that one either, but Im trying to tell you Im not in your target audience, I havnt been 15 in 18 years. These posts are opinion, every one of them are no matter if we agree with them or not. Atleast you got me to download it and give it a try, hell when I compaired him to OJ all his 3 fans might of downloaded it too.


well i mean you a older i cant blame you...this dude probaly young enough to be yo son...this my age music...who do you listen to by the way???
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I come from the classics

I come from the classics days, Scarface, 8ball & MJG, Ice Cube, UGK, I like Z-ro, Devin the dude, T.I., Yo Gotti, Jeezy, Jay-z (sometimes) Haystak, one of my fav albums of all time is Tela Piece of Mind. As far as new comers go I really like B.o.B.'s music, I thought I liked Kid Cudi till he put a real album out, but Chip the Ripper is straight. But every one of these people I named came into the game with there own style and sound, alot of people tried to copy but cant compair. I know its easier to copy whats already selling but how many albums do you need that sound the same, you need something to set you apart. Have you ever heard Young Jeezys first album Thuggin Under the Influence when he called his self Lil J? He doesnt sound anything like he does now, he sounded just like Trick Daddy which is prob why nobody even knows bout that cd. Someone must of told him to do something different and he became the southern style DMX and blew the fuck up. How bout Lil John, does anybody think he has tallent?? He just came out doing something no one else had done and even though hes gone now he had his 15 minutes. I dont know whats left to do that hasnt been done, but if you asked what I would like to hear that Ive never heard is maybe do a whole mixtape rappin on Bobby Womack songs or Willie Hutch, and make the 70's style gangsta shit the running topic for the whole tape, that shit would be tight

That shit would be betta stop giving out free ideas...

I feel ya...well i give him credit for having the guts to say "I Got White Friends" lol
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I wish someone would steal

I wish someone would steal it, please someone rap on 110th street! You know if he was using the whole "I got White Friends" thing as a way to bring people together, and say it doesnt matter what color you are I kick it with anybody thats real, bringing out the true meaning of what Dr Kings dream was, then Id be with him 100% and thats something that hasnt been done! They told Kanye no one wanted to hear him rap bout jesus and he did pretty good for hisself!
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I Wonder

I read this and wondered..
What if a random White boy come out with a Mixtape and named it " I Got Black Friends " What would the comments in here look like..
Nope, i didn't listen to the mixtape, read the review and the comments and found his myspace page, and i previewed some of his older stuff, didn't spark an interest.. but hope he keep it up and do big things, if Nigga's can come out talking about Cocaine and merkin and turn around and start singing with R&B and Pop Icon Singers talkin about love, Obsession and shit, why not have skater black dudes rappin?
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