Lady - Bitch From Around The Way 2 (Hosted By DJ Black Bill Gates)

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1. Hands
2. Yankin
3. HD (Feat. Plies)
4. Choosin'
5. Twerk
6. Scream (Feat. K. Michelle)
7. Lady Show
8. Set It Off
9. Teach Y'all
10. Garbage Ass
11. Same Bitch
12. In The Streets [Bonus]

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this should be called C class hoe from the gudda haha

Bitch from around the way.

Her parents must be so proud.
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how she gonna call herself

how she gonna call herself Lady, then release a mixtape named Bitch from around the way hahaha
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LOL! i guess im not the

LOL! i guess im not the only one that caught that Oxymoron lol