DJ Spinz, DJ Jay-O & Lil Boosie - The Hood Champ

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1. Undeniable Talent 3:24
2. In My Hood 2:18
3. Product Of My Environment 2:51
4. Bust Em 3:20
5. Neva Been A Bitch 2:46
6. Dirty World 3:26
7. Aint Comin Home Tonight 3:48
8. Thats My Dogg 2:54
9. Gangsta Bitch 2:26
10. I Do It 4 U 2:45
11. Thuggin Ft. Webbie 2:44
12. Take The Pain Away 1:49
13. Let Me Ease Yo Mind 5:00
14. Tryna Get Nasty 2:46
15. Fuck You Ft. B.O.B. Yola 2:36
16. Feds On The Way 4:00
17. Glistenin 2:32
18. Lil Nigga 4:25
19. Act A Donkey 2:52
20. 247 365 2:35
21. Friends 3:37
22. T Lady 2:44

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boosie goes hard . my nigga just like me a real louisana beast
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these niggas cant fuck with

these niggas cant fuck with that boot

Another wack down south rapper...

kid sounds like mickey mouse on fuckin crack...someone help this boy into puberty...whatever gets the job done for u twinky filled fake hiphop fans...

Everyone know Boosie one of

Everyone know Boosie one of the trillest rappers in the southern rap game. Him and Webbie go hard as shit on pretty much every beat they bang.


For you to say that you is a mutha fu**** hater. He is the rawest thing out here. you is a prime example of the type of hatin azz nigga that all rapper be talkin bout. Besides he still makin cake. And you probably not!!!!HATER

U Trippin

Boosie is damn near the realest since Pac. And I say that because he raps about struggles in the hood and his own struggles with Diabetes and jus like Pac he's not afraid to put his emotions on wax and rap about a real nigga cryin'. Most of u pussies hate Boosie becuz of his voice and thats some bullshit cuz ya'll want some attractive soundin ass niggas jus like a bitch would. And stop talkin that hip hop bullshit cuz u bitches dont consider shit hip hop unless it comes outta New York when ya'll need to face the facts and come to grips with the fact that hip hop has evolved so of course u dont like the newer shit thats comin out, I bet ya momma or ya pops prolly dont like some of the shit that u like. So we gon keep bumpin these real street niggaz like Boosie, Gucci and other real niggaz while u New York heads ride around to that "This Is Y Im Hot"

boosie go hard as fuk

man on god nun of dez rapperz can fuk wif boosie he da realest nigga out here wayne can rap..but he jus say off da wall shit... but boosie tlk about the real shit wut goes on n dez street n if u a real ass nigga u wud c dat shit 4 real im 4rm Jackson,Ms n dats all we bump dwn here is BOOSIE BAD AZZ all day everyboy is all yall boosie hataz can do wut "WiiPE HIM DOWN" N DATz 4 REAL "Fresh fade,Fresh j'z on da corner playin spade imma ordinary niggas but im payed"....

reality check bitch!

Are you a fuckin retard, this nigga is GARBAGE! If you 17 or under ok...... maybe? but if your a grown ass nigga listening to this little B1tch nigga you suck cockcycles in the summer bitch

This shit goes hard.

if u like boosie get this. its a dirty world.

Shut da hell up

Bitch ass nigga mane if you dnt like dnt listen to him in From jacktown too westside W*D*P* goon and fa dat ol fuck as duck bitch who said he fake fuk nigga he real da nigga be in my hood aLL da time damn i dnt like elton john bitch datz why i dnt get on da i-net lookin for him and wat you worried bout a manz voice for you wanna beat you dick while you listen too many niggaz co sign boosie mane lik TIyoung jeezy B.G. taughthim how To rap if dnt feel wat dat nigga be sayn you ain't hood or you a pussy i loss my dad at da same age he did im still out here movin dope jus like he was mane fuk bitch niggaz Bump dat boosie

da fye

boosie go hard and he getin his money. If you knew what southern rap was then you would know why lil boosie, webbie and a lot of otha rapper gets respect down here.A real nigga aint worried bout the nigga voice thats some hoe shit. if you dont know bout it then please dont comment....u makin yourelf look bad
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tha Boot

big up to lil boosie and the whole trill fam they're doing there thang. i been on them Lava House boys too. i have most these song already so i didn't DL this but it look like a good mix. i'm waiting on Bad Azz new CD to drop soon, he said this one will be aimed more so to the ladies but will have something for the niggas too. i know he want let me down so i'll spend alittle bread one it.