Lil Flip - Reasonable Clout


01. Intro
02. Real Spit
03. Reminder
04. Can I Live
05. Big Pimpin
06. Dead Presidents
07. Nevachange
08. Money, Cash, Hoes
09. We Off Dat Freestyle
10. Lost Ones
11. Mr. Carter Freestyle
12. U Dont Know
13. Snoopy Track
14. My Testimony
15. Streets Is Watching
16. Run Dis Town
17. 1-800-Clover
18. My Way
19. Z-Ro Drop
20. We Hustle
21. Dis Cant Be Life
22. We Gotta Problem
23. We Dont Believe U
24. Guess Whos Back
25. Z-Ro Outro

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aint da biggest flip fan but

aint da biggest flip fan but i'll chek dis out

If you dont have nothin to

If you dont have nothin to say about the tape then dont say nothin at all. Nobody checkin comments cares if your gonna check it out. Download it, listen to it, then comment about the music. Damn, savin this site one dumb shit at a time. $$$M4tth3W$$$
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but yet ur faggot ass

but yet ur faggot ass replied to my "dumb shit" goddamn. Think ur bad ass cuz u been on the site 4 14minutes. 14 FUCKIN MINUTES!!!
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Good mix!

I was starting to lose faith on lil flip but i think his about to make a big comeback. This shit iz mad decent! worth a DL fasho.

Relax big guy. I been on

Relax big guy. I been on this site for years and had to make an account just now cuz Im So So sick of checkin comments to see what the tapes about, and seein comments that got nothin to do with the music. BY THE WAY, unless your a die hard FLIP fan dont download this shit. Out of all twenty some songs, he only spit hard on like two. Overall this tape is a waste of space. $$$M4tth3W$$$

how come dude never put out

how come dude never put out mixtapes for a while till t.i.p. went to jail
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You know why LOL

T.I woulda Shut his ass down, like he was gone do in Flip own hometown in his own Neighborhood before that fight broke out lol.. shit was mad funny..
anyway on to the tape.. Hard to get into it, i mean he spit pretty clean but it goes no where, beats he rapped on are decent though, I think he should try and reinvent himself though and lose the beef with everybody he beefin with, just go make money and fuck bitches and leave that Stupid ass Light Saber fightin shit alone, he aint that bad of a rapper, should go put out another album.
6/10- nice effort.
┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-N.O. Saints ARE NOW #1 in 09, Like i said before the season even started LOL! FUCK YA'LL HATERS!!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
----- New Orleans Nigga... I get SUPADOME!
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S.U.C. !!! fuck T.I. !!!


I Don't know why we always got to talk about T.I. when we talk about Flip??? I Don't know if T.I.'s been put away for a month or so....or what you reffering to "Flip never put out mixtapes for a while until tip-drill went to do his snitch sentencing"?? Here's a retail-listing of Discs I've bought with Flip....STILL scratching my head over wich year TIP-Drill did go in and Flip Started makin tapes/discs/underground CD's /albums again. Houston Rocket 4 disc mixtape 2009 Return Of The #1 Fly Boy 2009 Certified with Gudda may 2009 All Eyez On Uz with Young Noble (Outlawz) 2008 Lil Flip Presents Lootenant - Second In Charge 2008 Lil Flip & Mr. Capone-E Still Connected Part 3 2008 Lil Flip & Mr. Capone-E Still Connected 2008 Lil Flip Breakin Bread Vol. 1 2008 Lil Flip Breakin Bread Vol. 2 2008 Lil Flip Presents We Got Next 2007 Lil Flip I Need Mine Double CD 2007 Lil Flip & Mr. Capone-E Connected 2006 Lil Flip & Crime Boss Young Bosses Getting Cash 2006 Lil Flip I'm A Balla The Mixtape 2006 Lil Flip He's Back All Flows 2006
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flip might not be the best

flip might not be the best out but he keeps it real, gotta respect the man.
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Yall trippin the kings coming back

to that dude that said only bout 2 songs were good i think your fucking stupid flip went hard on this mixtape now dont get me wrong not all the tracks were top notch but if you download this mixtape without a imma hate on this shit cuz its flip attitude and actually listen to it youll start respecting what hes doing. visit for anybody thats a true fan lil flip he well be droppin a mixtape every friday he has about like 300 songs(a lil bit more not sure how much exactly) that hes been sitting on and about t.i. listen to the we built this city song he talks about how he aint trippin about the beef anymore and that if he thinks that hes king that he can e that on hes side but in texas hes king. and he cancelled alot of beef with paul wall esg and many others. i honestly dont think he was waiting for t.i. to get locked up he just had major record deal that wanted him to change his whole style just look at koopa but flip wasnt having it.but he is still recording as we speak hes been staying up all night grinding ive been following him and damb that gotta get paid track with shasta and z-ro goes hard. leprechaun2 underground legend 2 with big shasta and a mixtape wrecking all biggies beats and another with all pac beats well be coming really soon.follow him on lile flip said "i drop a label i dont have a label drop me!" lil flip love him or hate him hes a real nigga im a true fan and always will be Ahead of my time coming soon!
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flip done fell off

I use to be a huge flip fan and i still download his shit cuz i fuck wit him but now this dude done fell way off this mixtape is garbage no new beats just him flowin on old tracks just tryin to get some money or somethin i wouldnt buy this shit fo nothin.
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how in the hell is he supoused to make profit with free mixtapes?
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growth & development...I finally gave this a listen and I gotta say this a pretty decent tape from flip I see he still on the grind....but far as him and TI go they both aint done shit to be the king of the south and TI he aint had a good cd since urban legend so yall 2 cats gotta wait till scarface give up the crown no body has done it like face no doubt!