Lil Keke - Fish Grease


01 Lil Keke - Intro
02 Lil Keke - Fish Grease
03 Lil Keke - Grind And Go Home
04 Lil Keke - It's On
05 Lil Keke - Opportunity
06 Lil Keke - Here Come Dem Boyz
07 Lil Keke - Commercial
08 Lil Keke - Bloodline Blue
09 Lil Keke - Do Real Thangz
10 Lil Keke - Round Table
11 Lil Keke - Away 2 Long
12 Lil Keke - You Aint Me
13 Lil Keke - Morning After
14 Lil Keke - Outro
15 Lil Keke - Between Me And You

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Keke Tha Don

Gotta respect this. Propz!
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keke nuff said

keke nuff said
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Gotta check this out

Hope there's some new cuts on here. $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$

FIRST! I hope!

That que shit is gay by the way. Nigga can't tell whether he first or not, but anyway yall aready know what it is. Don Ke goin in on yall bitch ass niggas. It's been a long ass muhfuckin wait, but it's all good. Real shit is worth the wait. 8/10 Overall. I'mma keep this shit in rotation. ...BIAATCH!
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Not a fan

but i'll check it out, need somethin new to listen to and im not listening to that garbage up at top.
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9/10! Definately earned its

9/10! Definately earned its space on the #zune -- On the BIG SCALE of things, my opinion doesnt really amount to much, so I aim NOT to persuade 'cause I'm just enjoying music -- 2B1ASK1