Lil Kim - Black Friday (The Mixtape)


01 - Lil Kim-Intro
02 - Lil Kim-Pissin On Em
03 - Lil Kim-Champagne Poppin Feat Wiz Khalifa
04 - Lil Kim-Hustle Hard
05 - Lil Kim-Killin Em Feat Fabolous
06 - Lil Kim-6 Foot Tall
07 - Lil Kim-Clap Clap Feat Irs
08 - Lil Kim-Kimmy Girl Feat Keri Hilson
09 - Lil Kim-Gimme Brain
10 - Lil Kim-Cheatin Feat Rihanna
11 - Lil Kim-Exclusive Radio Interview
12 - Lil Kim-Grindin Makin Money (Feat. Nicki Minaj, Bi
13 - Lil Kim-Racks
14 - Lil Kim-Pussy Callin (Feat. Lil Boosie)
15 - Lil Kim-Black Friday
16 - Lil Kim-Faded Feat Red Cafe And Rick Ross
17 - Lil Kim-Irs Freestyle
18 - Lil Kim-Lights Camera Action
19 - Lil Kim-Buy U Music (Feat. Keri Hilson)

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take this weak ass shit down. i heard them lame ass nicki disses and she just looks stupid. it would be better if kim had'nt fell off so hard. the rhymes and her look are just fake and played out. *Fuck Your Comments*
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ahaa! listen white boi if ya aint heard lil kim be holding it down soo ofcourse ppl like you wouldnt understand! haha this nigga gotta picture of a goat as his avy..go watch that new ron paul music video son, that shit is real hip hop! ya heard *ITZ MY YEAR*
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fuck ron paul bitch

shut your retarded ass up. lil kim aint holding shit but dicks up to her mouth. her music is wack and she aint had a banger since biggie was hitting that. since you new ill let you know like i had to everyone else im a nigga like you, and its the tarheels logo bitch. what kind of poser uses someone else name like you ron paul. *Fuck Your Comments*


i could care less but nicki nicki minaj is an attention whore , she used to be hood and now she wants to be lady gaga , fake ass trick is all she is. at least lil kim isent a sell out. if nick minaj died tommrow i think the world would be moving in a better direction .
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Flip Flop bitch.

After all that beefin with Nicki she went on record to say she's willing to work with Nicki? WHERE THE FUCK THEY DO THAT AT?!??!!!!!
This ol'e Dense bitch went through all the trouble to try and tear Nicki down, as soon as She went platinum bitch had a change of heart, this bitch just want some new Spotlight airtime, she's using the only hot bitch in the game to get it, Nicki stole her Barbi Girl style without having to get plastic surgery, breast implants and skin bleachin and flipped that shit to make it her own.. Kim still got plastic surgery appointments setup.
She'd probably have a lil more respect if she woulda stayed consistent with her beef, but it all came to light in her last interview when the bitch was just jealous and heated up because she feelin like she's being replaced.. Whether ya'll like her or not Nicki is the new big time bitch.. and Lil Kim mighta inadvertently contributed to her success by beefin with her during her promotion of her first album lol.. Shit blew up in her face.


Lil Kim did a big disservice to her legacy beefin with Nicki Minaj. She perpatratin like a muhfucka by puttin Nicki on the same mixtape she's actually supposed to be dissin her on. This some ol cat fight, break up and make up bullshit. Perfect example of what this industry has become over the past eight years. I like Lil Kim but she can go ahead and bury herself after making a move like this, hell I'm not even gonna listen to this garbage. This mixtape gets a zip-shit out of 10 for fuckin with my emotions. " ...BIAATCH! "

Look it up

Nicki used to be a Stud she didn't look the way she does a few years back. Google Nicki Minaj Stud and you'll see. Nicki got mad plastic surgery. check out this link

You Late

That footage you talkin' bout is old as shit. We all know Nicki's dyke but on the contrary, who really gives a fuck? She's a rich dyke now. " ...BIAATCH! "

kim is the baddest chick in

kim is the baddest chick in the game fuck the haters!!

bout time

dip_set bitch wrote:
kim is the baddest chick in the game fuck the haters!!
awwready, she doin it, nicki is doin too tho, i been waitin to check this tape out tho, this came out on valentines day and now they finally upped it
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lil kim

yo i thought lil kim was beefin wit nicki callin her a swag jacka why she put her on the mix tape ....lammme

well the track you talkin

well the track you talkin bout was recorded before they was beefin' i get why she put it on there. anyway, I dont think i'll ever like THIS mixtape from Kim, until she gets her weight up.
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Dont sound nothing like the

Dont sound nothing like the old kim.. She needs to get back on that mob shit
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The queen is back!

Yet it doesn't sound like the old Kim but this is a nice comeback for her PROPS Kim I'll ride with ya Game...Blouses


Aint this the mixtape she claim to have sold i dunno "thousands of copies" before she dropped it for free?? Glad i wasnt one of them dumb ass's that actually paid for this shit.. Shit is weak son! Now is in my bin bag.

Two dumbass hoes tryina see

Two dumbass hoes tryina see who sucks the most cocks, fuck both of these bicthes any nigga that rides around listenin' to this shit must be suspect fags.
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Maaan her face dont even be

Maaan her face dont even be movin when she be talkin and shit!! But i would still smash tho! smh!!! ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!