Lil Lody - The Theory 2 (Hosted By Bigga Rankin, DJ Grady & DJ Iceberg)


01 Lil Lody - Theory 2 Intro [Prod. By Lil Lody & Finish'em On Da Trak]
02 Lil Lody - P's & Q's (Feat. Bigg Mike) [Prod. By Doughboy Beatz]
03 Lil Lody - Clientele
04 Lil Lody - Run Them Bands Up [Prod. By Joe Blowe]
05 Lil Lody - Foul [Prod. By Roc Musik]
06 Lil Lody - Nigga's In They Feeling's [Prod. By D. Rich]
07 Lil Lody - Ra-Ra (Feat. Joker) [Prod. By Doughboy Beatz]
08 Lil Lody - Reason [Prod. By Certified Trunk Bangers]
09 Lil Lody - Attention [Prod. By Shawtyboy Beatz]
10 Lil Lody - I Got More (Feat. Young Enz) [Prod. By Doughboy Beatz]
11 Lil Lody - Round Me (Feat. Boston George) [Prod. By Tk]
12 Lil Lody - The Yay (Feat. Criminal Manne & Young Enz) [Prod. By Chefry Kitchen]
13 Lil Lody - Too, 2 [Prod. By Ton Hitz]
14 Lil Lody - Why They Hating [Prod. By J-Philly]
15 Lil Lody - Stay Prayed Up [Prod. By Shawtyboy Beatz]
16 Lil Lody - December (Feat. El Dorado Red) [Prod. By Certified Trunk Bangers]
17 Lil Lody - I Get It (Feat. Sean Mcgee) [Prod. By Sean Mcgee]
18 Lil Lody - Put In Work (Feat. El Dorado Red) [Prod. By Lil Lody]
19 Lil Lody - Young Kt - Headboard [Prod. By Young Kt]

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