Starlito - @ War w/ Myself


1. (00:04:00) Starlito - At War With Myself (prod. by Lil' Lody)
2. (00:03:20) Starlito - Felt Like Giving Up (prod. by Lil' Lody)
3. (00:02:29) Starlito - Lil Boosie Out
4. (00:03:49) Starlito - Like Mike (prod. by DJ Burn One)
5. (00:02:10) Starlito - Clouded Judgment (prod. by Celsizzle)
6. (00:02:36) Starlito - Dodge Music
7. (00:03:55) Starlito - Thinking of You (prod. by Lil' Lody)
8. (00:03:56) Starlito - Get Off My Line (prod. by Lil' Lody)
9. (00:03:56) Starlito - No Other Way (prod. by DJ Burn One)
10. (00:04:11) Starlito - Zip Codes feat. Trash Bag Gang (West, Marty)
11. (00:03:13) Starlito - You Ain't Nothin' feat. Don Trip (prod. by Coop)
12. (00:03:05) Starlito - Nada (to a) Star
13. (00:03:09) Starlito - L.N.D. Generous
14. (00:03:00) Starlito - People In The Streets feat. Young Buck (prod. by Coop)
15. (00:03:44) Starlito - Grudge (prod. by Lil' Lody)

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my main nigga lito this is gona be hotttt this shit just made my day be4 listenin holla dont sleep on star
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AY CHECK ME OUT ALSO YAW !!! GUARANTEE U LIKE !! REAL TALK. I appreciate it if u do !! thanks
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Imma check this out

His verses on that trash bag gang mixtape were tight. Imma check him out on the strength of that, I just hope this isn't that for the bitches bull shit. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~

If your not in to retarded south dudes

don't download this. I wish they would put a warning on these Mixtapes. Let someone know when it's for the short yellow bus crew.
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im sorry your wrong

Starlito aka allstar is the realest rapper alive. Listen to starlitos way. This mix is official heat. Just curious about the people hating on star, what do you consider good?
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Can't rap like a retard im too smart bitch !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lito go hard, GRIND HARD all the above check out I still love you too much,also check out i still love you in the back of class, renassiance gangsta,shidddddd da list goes on check dude out he nice as fuck.......

Fuck blackhoe

Starlito neva dissapoints!
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way to make a good case

Well, i guess intelligent arguments are way to much to expect from you haters. I can articulate why lito is real. He doesn't sugar coat his short comings and he doesn't glorify the streets. He calls it like he sees it. I don't even know why I'm writing this. I don't assume you haters can even understand half of what I'm saying. Your minds are immature, do any of these multi-syllable words even register in your pea brains? When you are ready to get "real" and can handle the truth come back and check this out. Until then, " sign off, log out, leave me the fuck alone" Born raised and will die in the 816