Lil Silk - Son Of A Hustler 2 (Hosted By DJ Westside & DJ Plugg)


01 Lil Silk - Almost Famous [Prod. By Spaghetti J]
02 Lil Silk - Trenches [Prod. By Mayhem]
03 Lil Silk - Surfer (Feat. Macturnup) [Prod. By Mayhem & Spaghetti J]
04 Lil Silk - Fcked Up (Feat. Chip) [Prod. By Proto]
05 Lil Silk - Trippy [Prod. By Spaghetti J]
06 Lil Silk - Recipe [Prod. By Mayhem]
07 Lil Silk - Who Am I (Feat. Vegas Bang Em)
08 Lil Silk - Playin [Prod. By Mayhem]
09 Lil Silk - Money (Feat. Dc Young Fly & Fetty Wap) [Prod. By Nike Boy & Mykel On The Beat]
10 Lil Silk - So Many Times [Prod. By Ke On The Track]
11 Lil Silk - The Party [Prod. By Spaghetti J]
12 Lil Silk - Champion Music [Prod. By Spaghetti J]
13 Lil Silk - Heart Breaker (Feat. Swazy) [Prod. By Jake Goes Digital]
14 Lil Silk - Dear Momma (Feat. Vegas Bang Em) [Prod. By Spaghetti J]

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