Lil Wayne & Friends 4


1. A Billie feat. Jay-Z 5:09
2. Out Here Grindin' (Remix) W/ Young Jeezy 4:16
3. Got Money (Remix) feat. Yung Joc 4:54
4. La La La (Remix) feat. David Banner 4:19
5. I Run This (Remix) W/ Birdman 3:57
6. Ain't Sayin' Nothin' (Remix) W/ Fat Joe & The Game 3:35
7. Don't Touch Me (Remix) W/ Busta Rhymes & Nas 2:46
8. Ya Heard Me W/ B.G., Juvenile & Trey Songz 5:00
9. 106 & Park Freestyle 1:33
10. Paradise W/ Young Chris 2:57
11. Money In The Way W/ Bow Wow 2:31
12. Just Know Dat W/ Brisco & Flo-Rida 4:04
13. Haters W/ Glasses Malone & Birdman 4:34
14. Damn I'm Cold W/ Bun B 4:29
15. Best Friend W/ Money (Produced By Swizz Beatz) 2:57
16. Me & My Drank feat. Short Dawg 6:36
17. Cutty Buddy W/ Mike Jones, Twista & T-Pain 3:54
18. Ringtone Girlfriend W/ Sean Garrett 3:39
19. California Love feat. Tyga 4:24
20. Stacks On Deck feat. Tyga & Gata 4:12

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Shits old!

Shits old!

true dat

true dat

Holy Sh¡t

A Lil Wayne mixtape...and not 10 pages of comments from haters?


DJ Luxury wrote:
A Lil Wayne mixtape...and not 10 pages of comments from haters?

I do believe that would be

I do believe that would be quite impossible to read them all. Sorry man, I just cannot perform that task =\ But I did take your advice, and I now have a girlfriend.
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The issue is dead. No one cares. I'm glad you found a girlfriend.


All dese nikkaz need tah stop makin mixtapes till dey come out wit sum new shyt or at least uh new freestyle.. shyt ridiculous its like all dey do is change da cover of tha m/t same damn songs

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lil waynes a homo

lil wayne sux nut sack to the max the lil fagget trys to be on every mixtape how many dicks does he sux to get on all these tapes

I dont think wayne asken to be on these mixtapes

nigga chill, its the DJ's who Put the shit on da track so be mad at da DJ not wayne. anywayz, this shit hot?

You nikkaz is wild! This IS

You nikkaz is wild! This IS an OFFICIAL mixtape from wayne. All these lil wayne & friends tapes are straight from wayne its just those other bitch ass DJs jump on any song he puts out and make garbage tapes wit old songz. wayne waits till he has a decent number of songs then puts his shit out. you bitches need to learn before u speak up.

Gay Cd

Ever Gay i woulndt down load this shitty cd waste of space Lil wayne is a straight faggot the lil pussy probally shit him self first sign of action he sounds like hes part retarded his rhymes suck nutz no skills kisses dudes only lil wankstas listen to his shit

shut yo hatin ass up you

shut yo hatin ass up you bitch ass nigga yo hating ass probaly got the mixtape. probaly got posters of the nigga you fake lil wayne wanna be get the fuck of that nigga dick why dont you come out with something if you can even rap you probaly a blood with yo slob ass SWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTT ASS NIGGA