Lil B - Where Did The Sun Go (Rare Golden Mixtape Pt. 3)


01 - Where Did The Sun Go Produced By The Basedgod
02 - The Pen
03 - Bitches Based Freestyle
04 - Suck My Dick Based Based Freestyle Feat B-32
05 - Now I Love You Based Freestyle

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Why the fuck is it that every time I come to the West Coast section of this site. They have this type of fucking's starting to piss me the fuck off. $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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real shit

go and download this and keep it 100 for me hit me back 4 After 4 wake up go to sleep tryin count some more
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Probably because the

Probably because the Westcoast ain't been puttin out shit worth a damn for the past what.. umm decade?
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this shit wack cuz the nobody wanna give the bay any play not even in the bay... so calot that gang bangin typ shit... we on that pimp, player, hustler type shit. but the. this nigga lil be just got luckey and hooked up wit solja boy. +we done wit hyphy, itz pimps players and hustlers+
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Nothing of substance except

Nothing of substance except Blu, Dom Kennedy, Tanya Morgan, Pac Div, Kendrick Lamar, Sean Rose, AB-Soul, Chuuwee, C Plus, Ayomari, Nipsey Hussle, Fashawn, Freddie Gibbs, and so on. Actually that's a pretty good list, better than I can say about WNY where I'm from.
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What the fuck ever man

You don't even listen to REAL West Coast type music. So, how the hell are you supposed to know anything about it? $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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So tell me what i listen to

So tell me what i listen to since you've been in my house and went through my songs apparently.
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I don't need to.....

Just about every West Coast tape that you've commented about. You've had some sort of negative comment about it stereotyping how all the music coming from the west is a waste of time. Most of the REAL music are NOT on mixtapes. You actually gotta be here to know........that's what I'm trying to say $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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Another thing....

I'm not trying to argue. Just stating what I've noticed.... $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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mannnnn this shit FUNNY !!! rofl this lil nigga is so stupidly on crack cocaine dont make no sense. trash it after you hear it.
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I dont fuck wit lil b but

I dont fuck wit lil b but the west been droppin Hot shit for the past ummm 20years? ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!
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You mean haven't dropped

You mean haven't dropped shit since ummm 20 years? lol, name the top 5 "RELEVANT" shit to come out the past 5 years out of the west that inevitably made a name for him/her self or maintained relevance by being on top billboard charts and topping album sales. I love the West, i do hope somebody eventually blow up other than that tight jean, glitter boy swag shit.
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Like i said, i dont fuck wit

Like i said, i dont fuck wit lil b, but the billbords? Are you serious? Fuck the billbords and blowin up! its about good lyrics,originality, good production! Point blank! Shit the Jacka allways hits the billbords, he might not make it to 20,30,40 or even 50, but he indipendent! I dont need a billbord to tell me whos hot!! Thats some comericail 106&park shit!!! The billbords, Sales,!!! THIS NICCA RIGHT HERE!!!! ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!
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SHHHIIIIII, Im not gonna

SHHHIIIIII, Im not gonna lie, if i here the on the radio, bet, mtv,or what ever, it probably wont get played. If everybody is bumpin it, its all ready old! i bump underground shit. i look for new and undergroud artist eveyday, allways have, allways will!!! ISELFLAWAMASTER!!!!!
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I bump underground shit only

I bump underground shit only too but you still need the ears and eyes open to your region to be relevant, so your going to need the Corny ass profitable artist to bring the eyes and ears over to your area like the south was able to do and keep for so long, The south formula is so simple, put out a bunch of artist that are corny, non-lyrical but have good ass production to layer over it, and keep churning out club shit and regurgitate out same ol'e BS until one trend get tired then ride on the next wave. Looks like the wave of Real Lyrical skills is back on it's way with the help of a couple of true lyrical talents that are breaking out of the barriers like Curren$y, Jay Elect a new new kat by the name of Dee-1 and Trademark Da Skydiver, so North and West might have a revival in their music industry soon.. We're still going to have our fun club and ride music but it wont be the center of all the attention it is now soon.
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FUCKIN TRASH Who ever said

FUCKIN TRASH Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout